Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ahhh...The most beautiful rock formation in all of the world.
Half Dome.
Last night I got to hang out with some old friends who I haven't seen in over 13 years. It was great. It was great to see we're all still alive after getting caught up in drugs back in the day. Right now I'm all about reconnecting with old friends.

Today I will hang out with my oldest friend Tom. We've known each other and each others families since I was 7 years old. We hung out a lot in the 80's. Lived together for a little bit in the 90's.
We some how lost contact. I think it was me, and my drug use.
So I think the last time I saw him was 15 years ago. You know myspace is good for finding old friends. That's how he found me.

Have a great day & maybe think about reconnecting with an old friend. Posted by Picasa

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