Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yes, I'm freezing!!!!
Looks like Fall is here. I love the changing seasons.
Me at the top of Mission Peak.

This morning I was stuck in two hours of traffic coming from Scotts Valley to Fremont. Normally it's a 40 min. drive. I was getting super negative and upset because I wasn't going to be able to run. And if you know me, you know i run everyday, but usually have Mondays off. I started getting upset, and realized you know what I'm alive and healthy, it's not the end of the world.
Life is to short to stress about things we have no control over.

Zen card...The way to remove darkness from a room is simply to turn on a light. In the same way, to rid yourself of any difficulty, concentrate on the solution rather than the problem.
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R2B said...

Your very inspiring Catra!
I love reading you wisdom cards too.

Cheers R2B

Catra said...

Hey R2B-

Ahh...Thanks for the post. I also thank you for the compliment.
I feel it is my job in life to inspire others.
I just love to run, and if my writing and pictures from my day to day life can inspire one person a day than I've done my job.


Feminist Runner said...

You are so cold looking up there. Two hours of traffic would definitely be a negative experience for almost anyone; it's amazing when we can take those experience and turn them around.
Happy trails, girl!

Catra said...

Hey Renee-

Thanks sista..It's taken me along time to think like that.
Hey if your ever in Cali. let's hook up for a run.

Ultra Okie said...

Hey Catra,

That weather looks really nice. It is still summer here. I am ready for a break in the weather. Traffic can really leave me frustrated, especially if I am wanting to get somewhere to run or ride my bike. I need to grow up and get an attitude more like yours!!


ps: Played the new banjo this past weekend, it is awesome.

see ya...

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
Thanks for the post.
I just have to say to myself in those types of situations. There's nothing I can do and I let it go.
That's awesome you finally got a chance to play your new banjo. Have fun with it.