Monday, October 02, 2006


So today was my first day at crossfit. I absolutely loved it
. You work all parts of the body. I suggest every Ultrarunner check it out at least once. I've been working out with a trainer for a few months and I think my workout at crossfit was better then working out with a personal trainer. Just my opinion.
go to
to find where it's held in your area. They are all over the country. I plan on doing crossfit twice a week. We"ll see if it helps me in my upcoming Hundreds.

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If you choose to be happy, no one and no thing can ever take that happiness from you.
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Bob McAllaster said...

Hey Catra,
I came across CrossFit about 6 months ago. It's great stuff. I try to incorporate some of the WOD and other exercises from their web site into my non-running workouts. All those squats got to help out on the climbs, right? Will we see you at HURT this year? Aloha,

Tiny Seal said...

Congratulations on RDL finish, Catra! Three 100s in 3 weeks is quite an awesome achievement! Please toss some of that killer strength across the bay for me :-)
Enjoy the well-deserved break, and happy times with Randy!


Tiny Seal said...

Oh, and i tried today's WOD from crossfit's website. Thanks for sharing the site! The weightlifters at gym gave me weird looks as if i did not belong in that territory, and said something about why women should do deadlifts in order to keep their butts in shape! :-O

Feminist Runner said...

Thanks for the info, Catra. I am always trying to find a s/t routine I can stick to so I may give this a shot.

Catra said...

Hi Bob-

That's great you do crossfit too. I'm hoping it will help me kick ass at HURT in January. Oh, and of course I'm going to run HURT!!
Randy most likely will be coming to. He will pace me at least one lap on the course.

Catra said...


Thanks for the post. I had a blast at RDL. And my other two Hundreds all in a row.
You got it all my strength is coming your way.

P.S awesome that you checked out the crossfit web-site. You should go to a class.

Catra said...

Hey Renee-

Thanks for the post. Yeah, check it out it's a great challenge.