Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This costumes is for all my friends that think I'm Super girl. (Justin no need to make me the super girl costume I have it ;).)

My life is for ever changing.. A door closes, another opens. Even sometimes the door gets slammed shut in your face. It can throw your balance off. But I have to remember to remain positive. I have such wonderful people in my life, and I apprectiate them. All of you who read my blog and follow each one of my adventures you all keep me going.

Today I will take time to reflect why things happen the way they do, and learn from the choices I make weather bad or good.

Ok this is costume #1 you get to vote which one I will wear tonight.
Have a great day.
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Ryan said...

Looks super! I think you should run Javelina Jundred wearing that = )

Catra said...

Hey Ryan-
I'm thinking about it. Hey if I when the costume contest I get a free enty for next year ;)

Whitney said...

This one cause you kinda are super woman :-)


Kim said...

Both are great but I vote for the Super Woman!!!

Catra said...

Hey Whitney-
Thanks!! Oh and thanks for the email during my 24 hour run you rock girl!!!

Catra said...

Hey Kim-

Thanks for the comment.

Randy said...

I think SuperGirl was def the way to go! You gotta love them CrossFit abs!

Catra said...

Hey Randy-

That's the one I did wear passing out candy...Hey thanks for getting me into crossfit! Just when I thought I couldn't get in better shape ;) Crossfit has me winning race's now..Thanks so much.
Love ya,
Catra :)