Tuesday, July 15, 2014

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

Yikes I'm so far behind!! Ok I ran Bryce 100 and Summer Solstice 24 hour race last month. I worked safety patrol at WST  100 and crewed.
I'm heading to Tahoe rim trail 100 to cheer on friends and possibly pace. I will also be crewing and pacing at Badwater 135.
I have been a slacker sorry! Ok Random pictures of me training 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

San Diego 100 33:03

Number 9, SD 100 is done next year I'm going for my 1000 mile buckle woohoo
Next up Bryce 100 this weekend enjoy this video 


Monday, May 19, 2014

Ohlone wilderness 200 mile run

I am still amazed and how great I felt during the Ohlone 200 miler.

The first two days I just survived the heat of the day the last night I had to surviving howling wind and cold temps. I kept my mind positive and focused the whole time.

I need to thank those who made my run a success ; Ohlone 50k RD Larry Engle who have me the green light  to do my 200, of course to my favorite parks people EBRP all the rangers , Gordon, Neil, John , Paul and Mark who think I'm crazy but help me by telling the East bay parks police I know what I'm doing and I'm safe so it allows me to do crazy ass runs out there after the park is closed.

My pacers who took time out from their busy life to help me get to the finish Kathy D'Onofrio my main girl, who has been a part of all my crazy adventures since 2008 I think, without her I think I would have a hard time she has taught me a lot about staying positive, Donato Polignone who can talk my ear off and makes me laugh with all his crazy adventure stories plus he believes in me which is the key to keep me moving, Todd Shipman who this was his first time pacing me he had the hardest job the last 50 miles being a father of 1 year old twins I knew he would have patients when I slowed way down. He is training for the Tahoe 200 so it was important for him to see how a person gets when being awake for 76 hours. Each of you were rockstars and we all have great stories to tell I'm sure.

A big thank you to my roommate Jerry  for always allowing me to use his house as base camp ;-) and one last  thank you to David Christofili for all your messages while I was out there.

Also thanks to all my friends on FB for following me and believing in me. Oh and Trumie the dirt Doxie for pacing me 4 miles 


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Smells like team spirit

Smells like team spirit!
Damn I deleted my whole story on accident. I'm going to make it quick and will rewrite something later
Badwater Salton sea 81 miles run with a team. Our team was 8th overall 3rd in mixed team division we rocked it!

Next up Ohlone 200 in 3 days please send me positive vibes 

Friday, April 25, 2014

“Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.”

It's been awhile sorry I'm a blog slacker.
My Truman had eye surgery but he's fine now. He hasn't run since April 3rd and has been sporting the cone of shame, which BYW will come off Monday, I hope.

Me I have been running like nobodies business. Mt. Diablo 50k was last weekend I was 2nd in my age yay!!
I'm getting ready to run Salton sea 81 mile time race next week that will be fun. It's teams of three and you run together the whole way.
Ok here's some Radom shots from this past weeks training. Enjoy.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sometimes words come out of me and I don't know where they come from or why. They're like falling stars tumbling through the universe; bright, burning things that can't be stopped.

Life has been awesome !! Ran MUC 60 miler and finished in 12:30. Fought a hard fight,, bladder infection but still managed to finish right on the money!! Woo hoo
Last weekend was spend with one of the most amazing woman I have ever met. She's smart, beautiful , sexy , strong and kicks ass at everything she does. She is a acupuncturist in Bend Oregon. Her name is Almine Barton. Her ex husband and my exhusband were climbing friends. I knew her X but never met her until this past weekend. 
We had a worldwind weekend , but we had fun, I took her running in Yosrmite. We had a blast! I also taught her all about the Tinder app. And how to swipe right if you like someone. LOL
We had never met but we bonded and will hang out again soon we are new BFF's
I will be running BLU relentless 100 miler this weekend I will be going for my 104 , 100 mile run. Woo hoo!
Looking forward to the fun !'
Please send me positive vibes friends ok that's it for now
"Live Live, Love Life"