Wednesday, October 25, 2006

San Diego 100 mile run, mile 93..
I was very happy to be at this point in the race.
I still don't know how I do it!
People arn't suppose to be able to run 100 miles through the mountains. It's just blows me away that I can do this.
I thank God each day ,I wake up for the wonderful life I have. I thank him for giving me this healthy body, and mind. My goal in life is to inspire as many people as possible to run or at least get out and hike in the wilderness and try to eat healthy. I know God has a plan for me I feel it in my heart more and more each day.

Have a beautiful day!
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Anonymous said...


You are doing everything you said you wanted to do. You are a huge inspiration to me in both my running and personal life. I met you for a reason and I am glad I have.


Catra said...

Ahhh Justin, you are to sweet! Your kind words make me feel really good!

Sarah said...

I'm sure you have inspired more people than you know, Catra!
: )

I've been meaning to ask you, is that the Nathan Intensity you wear? It looks comfy and functional.

Catra said...

Hey Sarah yes it's a Nathan. it's the womans one. I love it and yes it's comfy. You don't feel like you're wearing a pack at all.
Thanks for the comments.

JeffO said...

Not sure I believe God gives us a purpose. More like God gives us the tools. Up to us to make something of it.
Many of us start lame (I sure did). But our existence is a journey. It's all about the process. We shouldn't get hung up on our failures, nor dwell too long on our success (but it sure is nice!)
What counts is respecting ourselves - so we can respect others - so we can draw out the best in everything and everyone around us.
If the inspiration you now afford us is the only "plan" in store for you, it is a huge one.
And thanks.
Your success is not all luck, for too many people can achieve, but they just don't. You deserve credit. You can't accept total credit only because, as you inspire us to be more, others inspired you.
Hopefully we'll do as well as you, and never forget what you gave us! And in turn, we'll pass it along to others.
Positive energy planting the seeds to more positive energy.
I'll probably never meet you or the other great people in your life, but I feed off your energies. And I hope (what goes around comes around) to create my own energy and give it back.
There's no greater reward than to see we have a great, positive affect on the World.
And it's FUN! LOL

Steve, NW Ultra runner said...

I think our calling changes as we grow. Your current calling and actions inspire health, spirituality, and creativity. What better life is there. Thanks for you thoughts and openess.