Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh and what an exciting journey it was!
I finished my 3rd San Diego 100 and my 7th 100 mile race of the year. My finishing time was 27:29 I was 5th girl. My goal was to run in the 27 hour range and that I did. I didn't wear a watch, so only knew the time of day when I would ask at the aid stations. I knew I felt stronger than last year, and was running stronger. The uphills seemed easier. I owe that to crossfit.

My time was 29 hours last year. Earlier in the race I was coming into aid stations 2-3 hours faster than last year. At one point I was running with a guy who said we were on the 24 hour cusp. I told him to keep pushing and go on ahead. I had no intentions of running that fast. I have the San Francisco 24 hour run this weekend, and another 100 mile race in three weeks. Hey, I love this sport but didn't want to kill myself trying to run that fast, in this race.

My race went well for the most part. Mile 35 I felt a bladder infection coming on. I just had to deal with it and did.
I ran alone the whole race from mile 45 on to the finish. Only three people past me and that was 8 miles from the finish. I had no pacer, or crew, so did feel a bit lonely. Wait I take that back. My MP3 was my pacer and Randy crewed me by texting me and calling in the middle of the night. At one point around 1:45am I was so sleepy I was stumbling around and falling asleep on my feet. I just needed to talk to someone anyone! I thought I will call Randy. So I called him and just said I need to talk so I wouldn't fall asleep. Within a few minutes of talking to him I snapped out of and was able to wake up. Thank god for cell phones.

I slowed down a bit and when I got to mile 94 I knew I had to make up time to get 27:30. ( I ended up finishing in 27:29). I ended up running almont the entire 6 miles. Not easy to do with 94 miles on your legs. I wanted it that bad so just pushed. I told myself you're better than you think you are and you can do it!
Well, I also asked God to guide me to the finish feeling strong. He did.

Thanks to all my friends who send vibes and positive energy when I'm running my 100's.
Thanks to Randy for inspiring me and being patient and understanding. You're the best :)

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Randy said...

Congratulations baby! Great job! I am so proud of you! So uh... can we hang out now? LOL!

Baby, I am here for you through it all. I am glad I got to help you, even though I wasn't there.

Catra said...

Hey Baby-
Yep we can hang out tomorrow night ;)
Soon we will have a weekend together. I can't wait for that!

You're the best ever. Thanks for being there for me.

tim. said...

are you sure you just ran 100 mile?

No one looks that good after that distance.

Fabulous stuff Catra!

Jack said...

Congratulations on finishing another 100-miler, you are so inspiring.

I am curious how you handled your bladder infection? I had some trouble with this during one of my 50K's this year.

Anonymous said...

congratulation my american friend
i'm afraid for PCT if i don't run enough fast for you
good job still!!!

Gregg Lynn said...

FANTASTIC! I'm amazed by your running.

You are quite an inspiration.


Feminist Runner said...

Great job on making that goal! Another 100 under your belt -- do you actually keep track at this point or have you just figured "It's a lot!"?
My brother called me after the start to say his life will never be the same -- I was out for a run of course and stopped to chat for a minute. I think he's running this one next year.

Now get some rest, Missy! Whatever the hell that might look like for you.


Ultra Okie said...

congtrats Catra. You are awesome.

Sarah said...

Congrats Catra! How awesome. You just keep going and going, all with a smile. I can't think of a better inspiration! : )

Jessica Deline said...

Wow. Great job! Way to pus through that at the end to reach your goal. I like how Randy crewed you. Cell phones are great!

Catra said...

Hi Tim,
Thanks for the comment. Yes I really did just finish 100 miles. If you look real close I'm pretty dirty. That proves I ran 100 miles. :)

Catra said...

Hi Jack-
I drank only water and when I got to mile 75 I had cranberry concentrate in my drop.
I know I can get one at anytime so try to make sure I have cranberry juice in a few drops. Made the mistake and didn't put any cranberry juice at mile 50 where I needed it.
When it comes on you have to drink tons of water to flush it out. It was painful but I just kept going.

Catra said...

Hey Ju-
You better start running more my friend!
I'm getting stronger everyday so watch out on the PCT ;)
WONDERWOMAN...LOL...Thanks you're to sweet.

Catra said...

Hey Gre-

Thank you so much for the nice comment. That's my job in life is to inspire everyone I can :)

Catra said...

Hey Renee-
You brother got bit by the 100 mile bug!!!! It's very contagious.
Who did he pace????
Rest what rest??? LOL..
I have run 100 miles 46 times. I did have to think for a minute. I try just to keep track of the hundreds.

Catra said...

Hey UO Steve-
Thanks!!! How was the 50 miler??

Catra said...

Hey Sarah-
Thank you so much. Thanks for the very nice comments.

Catra said...

Hey Jessica-
Yeah, it was nice to be able to have him to talk to. Really helped me to keep movin.

CTT said...

I don't know how you do it. It was all I could do to run 6 miles last week here. So boring. Flat, straight and hot here. I need some hilly, curving, trials, that would help bring back motivation! Keep pounding away. What's your goal for the 24 hours?

Ryan said...

Congratulations!! You’re like the energizer bunny you just keep on going....Best wishes next weekend and to many more 100s!!

jgirl said...

Congrats! We were sending you our San Diego vibes and hoping for an inspiring journey! It is phenomenal to have such great aspirations in life. Enjoy your rewards, your rest and those who love and adore you. :-) ~j

olga said...

Awesome, Catra!! It was wonderful to hear you so happy on Sunday, your time was great. So proud of you, girl! Way to push last 6!

JP said...


You are my Trent Reznor, for obvious and not so obvious reasons.

Now, with that out of the way, go enjoy some time off, you've earned it.

Brad said...

Great job on your awesome finish at SD100!

Have fun at the 24hour. I wanted to do the 12 hour, but opted to run Helen Klein 50M next weekend. Don't get dizzy out there running around in the mile loop!

Catra said...

I see you live in Florida. I guess you don't have hills or Mountains to run in :(

I just put one foot in front of the other and think positive thoughts. Sure the demons surface during some hundreds but I always out run them.

hmm the 24 hour run, goal...#1 have fun. #2 try and get 100 miles in 24 hours. #3 113 miles would be nice.

Catra said...

Hey ryan-
Thanks. I do feel like the energizer bunny :)
Looking forward to running in circles this weekend!

Catra said...

Hey Janelle-
Thanks for the vibes I got them.
It was so nice to have Randy checking in on me. It really helped even if he wasn't there physically.
Have a beautiful day.

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
Thanks for the call. The first time you called I was 5 min. from finishing. I had my phone but was just focused on finishing. thanks for calling and checking on me.

Catra said...


Hey thanks for the compliment. I love Trent!!!
I love him more that he's clean & sober!
I'm resting up until Saturday than I will be off and running again. This time 24 hours :)

Catra said...

Hey Brad-
Thanks! Have fun at HK. Tell Norm & Helen I said hi!!! I love them!

GuruParkash said...

Wow you are amazing Catra!! keep on trucking!

Eudemus said...

Way to go Catra! Are there any 100s that you HAVEN'T done yet?!? Good luck at the 24hr next weekend.

CTT said...

Yea Catra not to many hills here, especially since I live on the AFB and less than 1/4 mile from the Gulf. There are some "hills" if I want to drive a little bit. Actually decent for Florida, but nothing like your used to I'm sure!
Ok have to ask what is the significance of 113 miles?

RunningYam said...

Catra, Congratulations on your strong finish!

I was thinking that perhaps there is a device that can let you stay alive on blog during the 100 miler run. At least, a cell phone to receive warm vibes definitely helps a lot in the exhausted lonely late night.

At last, excited to know that all our Ohlone runners have got their job done :-)

Enjoy the rest!


christine said...

Wow! Again I'm in awe.
Damn girl you are hands down the baddest chica on the trails!!

Catra said...

Hey Guru-
I will thanks!

Catra said...

Yeah there's a few. Don't worry they're on my tick least. I'll stick them all at some point ;)

Catra said...

Hi Lance-
Well I love the number 3 and it has a 3 in there ;)
Hey if you're ever out here let's run together.

Catra said...

Hi Chihping-
Don't worry when I'm going for the fastpack record I will be blogging with on of those pocket mail things ;)
The cell phone works for now!

CTT said...

Catra sounds like a plan...would love to hit some good quality mountain trails. If you look at the Blog I wrote on my myspace site you can tell I need something different!

Rajeev said...

You are truly an amazing athlete. I have seen you in so many races and have never seen you without that lovely smile on your face and that amazingly cheerful disposition. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you.


Catra said...

Yes you are in need of trail and mountains. :)

Catra said...


Thanks so much for the compliments.
Even if I'm not smiling on the inside during a race I try to make sure to smile on the outside.
What's next for you ???

Rajeev said...


You light up any race you are in! I'm doing the Helen Klein 50 miler next weekend.

Great job on the SF One-day!

Catra said...

Hey Rajeev-
AHHH..Thanks for the compliment. Have fun at HK 50. I'm running Javelina 100 miler next weekend :)