Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last run before the San Francisco 24 hour run.

Once again I'm asking all my friends to send me positive vibes this weekend as I run for 24 hours around Chrissy feild. If anyone happens to be in San Francisco this weekend stop by and do some laps with me.

Zen Card...Loyalty
Become loyal to your innermost
truth. Follow the
way when all others
abandon it.
Walk the path of
your own heart.

I have done that for the past few years. I am true to myself and follow my heart. I am honest and open. That's just me.
Some poeple don't like that and judge me for it. But I know most of the time it helps others.
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widup said...

Good Luck!!!

Catra said...

Thanks widup

Feminist Runner said...

Good luck, kiddo!
Thanks for the Zen card -- I was struggling a bit with a decision I made to listen to my own truth in the past couple months and, while I know I did the right thing, I know plenty of people are judging me for it.
Oh well, I have to let them and just keep the course.

Have a great run!

Lloyd said...

Good luck in the city.

I just did my first ever loop ultra last weekend (12 hr.) On pavement. It was an experience like no other. I got to run with, and meet people I would never see in any other run or race. I hope the trail gods will forgive me.

walking the path of my heart...

Late in the ultra, I had an interesting debate between my brain and my heart. Luckily, my heart won.

Best of luck for the weekend.

Catra said...

Hey Renee-
Thanks so much it should be interesting ;)
I'm glad the Zen cars can help.

Catra said...

Hey Llyod-
24 hour runs are fun this will be my forth one. I prefer to be on Mountain trails.
Running in circles is very challenging that's for sure !
Congrats. on your 12 hour run.

CTT said...

Best of luck...focus and pace yourself and you'll get that 113!

Haight said...

I'm sure you'll be as one with the endurance running gods. And of course have fun!!

"May the Zen be with you."
- Obi Zen Kanobi

Brad said...

Have a great time in the City! I'll be in the area running 23 miles with the AIDS Marathon people. I'm hoping we take a detour of Chrissy Fields so I can say hi!
Have a great time! With the time you guys get an extra free hour??

Ultra Okie said...

go git 'em girlfriend!! positive vibes coming your way from God's country (Oklahoma!) Have a great weekend.