Monday, October 30, 2006

ZEN CARD......
Joy is inside
you. Not attainment of
things desired, nor in the
achievement of goals
made, but in the simple
feeling that lies within
you. Know that this joy
is unaffecteed by outer
circumstance, and joy
will be yours forever.
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surftrip said...

my god - you have amazing charisma.

JeffO said...

Excellent finish last weekend!
I was doing my little 50K in Utah.
Good luck in Javalina. I have several friends doing it. Wish I could go.
Have fun!

olga said...

Girl, you may win JJ just as well! Who is out there to challenge "unstopable bundle of joy" anyway? I was away and was so happy for you to read the results - first thing back home! Catra, you are a living prove - with positive attitude anything can happen. And also - often things do get better as one gets a few years on. Practice makes it perfect.
Way to go!

Catra said...

Hey Surftrip-
Thanks for the comment :)

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-
I will have fun. I'm running the whole race with my friend XY. That's the only reason I'm running. I was going to pace her but that she said would I run the whole thing with her. And of course I said yes!

Catra said...

Hey Olga-
No I'm just running it for fun with XY she paid my entry to run with her the whole way. We're looking to finish in 29 hours. I hope she doesn't kill me;)
Hey thanks for the nice comments, you rock!

Ultra Okie said...

Cool award Catra, you are one rockin' and runnin' chic. You are so going to kick my ass on route 66. I am still going to have fun and hope I finish before you have to fly out on Monday!!

I am stoking my MP3 player with some good tunes as I am sure I will end up running by myself. I don't have any pacers so will have to sing my way through the night..


Feminist Runner said...

You won! You won! Many congrats to you!

Ryan said...

Congratulations on last weekends win! It just goes to show you can have fun and win at the same time!

You are the Queen of ultra running...Catra, simply amazing

Keep on ruling!

Catra said...

hey ultra okie-
We're going to have a blast at Mother Road.
Yes, the MP3 is my favorite pacer!!!

Catra said...

You're the best thanks for the nice comments.

Catra said...

Hey renee-
Thanks!! it's crazy that I won :)