Sunday, October 01, 2006

You can look...And you will find it, you can not look... and you will find it,
That which is yours, will surley come to you....

Life is good and getting better everyday!!! Go out and run and enjoy the little things life has to offer.
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flatfoot freddie (fer da' hitman) said...

quick, sit down :) i'm sendin' oodles and oodles of peace and love vibes. the tatts are FANTASTIC! happy days, da' hitman.

Rajeev said...


Good luck for your next 100-miler. Is it this weekend?

Ariel said...

C your hair looks awesome! :-)

Catra said...

Hey Hit man-
Thanks so much!!!

Catra said...

Hey Rajeev-
I'm not running my next hundred until the 21st, I will be at the Furnace creek 508 mile bike ride through death valley. I'm crewing a friend and will have to stay awake for 48 hours. Wish me luck!!!

Catra said...

Hey Ariel thanks :)