Thursday, October 12, 2006

What a beautiful day!
Perfect for a run up Half Dome. If you haven't been to the top I suggest you get your butts up there. If not this season, then next season. The snow hasn't started yet so there's still time this month. I could not beleive how many people were up there today. At the top, there were 17. And still people on the way up.
I can tell my upper body is much stronger thanks to crossfit. I pulled myself up the cables no problem. Usually my arms get sore.

I feel like I'm ready for San Diego 100 next weekend.

Zen Card... suffering
The cause of
all suffering is
craving. Desire things
that you do not
have, and suffering will
follow. Realize
this and peace will
be yours. Suffering
will disappear and
will reign.

It's a good one to think about!
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Anonymous said...

Yeah it's true ....i don't know Yosemite but on your picture this is beautiful area!!!!!
one day , i hope run in this place.....before our journey next year...

Debbie said...

Hey Catra,
Saw this in the NY Times and thought it might be of interest.


Debbie said...

Not sure if you can follow the link, but if you can't, just go to the and type Bodies In Motion in search and the 1st article that comes up is the one.

Catra said...

Our Journey goes through the Sierras and Yosemite, 200 miles of it to be exact.
I love Yosemite :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah good i would have time for to explore this place....
In France i have maybe approximately 500 persons who will follow during our race
and in french language "chemin de croix"....

Ultra Okie said...

Great wisdom card today Catra.

You are right. I need to get out for a long run this weekend. Was suppose to run the Heartland 50M tomorrow, but work will keep me from doing that. I will run long sometime this weekend, afterall, I want to at least be able to keep up with you for a few miles on the Mother Road so we can visit!!

Have a great weekend and a great run on the San Diego 100M. And, oh yeah, happy Friday the 13th!!!


Brad said...

Beautiful, beautiful!! Oh yeah, and so is Yosemite! ;)

Randy said...

You look great baby! Can't wait to get up there with you!

Feminist Runner said...

Looking good, Catra! Glad you're getting stronger!

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
I'm glad you'll get out for a long run this weekend. Shit I'm sure I will be the one having a hard time keeping up.
I have San Diego 100 next week, then San Francisco 24 hour run. One week off and Mother Road 100.
I think I will be the slow one.

Catra said...

Hey Brad-

You're sweet ;)

You should just head up to Yosemite this weekend. It's not that long of a drive. I was on the trail by 9am and finished by 3pm.

We gotta hook up for a trail run. Do you ever run on Mt. Diablo??? I love running there.

Catra said...

Hey Sexy guy-
I can't wait to get you up on Half Dome. I know you will love it baby.

I'm bummed that I missed crossfit with you. But at least I still did the work out on my run. I modified it. I didn't rest. I ran 10 min. than did the work out every 10 min. I was beat up at the end. I so wanted to walk the last mile but managed to make it back to the van.
Love you!

Catra said...

Hey Deb-

Thanks great story I totally relate to what they're talking about. Thanks for the link.

Catra said...

Hey renee thanks girl :)

Brad said...

I'm going for a hike @ Mt. Diablo tomorrow morning with my partner. He's been after me to go on a hike with him for weeks. I'm going to take him on the PCTR's Mt. Diablo Fall run route.
I went for my first run yesterday since the DCF 50 mile and I'm having some ITB issues. Hopefully a good massage tonight will help!

Catra said...

Hey Brad-

I hope you & Your partner have fun on Diablo. It's so beautiful.

I have a great sports massage guy. I just got a massage yesterday. I have San Diego 100 next week.

I also got my tattoos finished.
I will post a picture later.
Have a awesome day.