Thursday, October 19, 2006

I don't want to fall in love...
I would like to tell you I would like to say
That I knew this would happen, that things would go this way
But I cannot deceive you, this was never planned
I know you're the right girl, but do you think I'm the right man?
Right face, wrong time
She's sweet but I don't wanna fall in love
Too late, so deep, better run cause....

This is a song from my new favorite bands.
She wants revenge.. I highly recomend giving it a listen. The sound is very 80's Gothic.

What a perfect day for my last run.. I head out to San Diego tomorrow morning.

I want all the vibes I can get at 3am Sunday morning..

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Shifter said...

Hi Catra...found your site while I was trying to find some info on ultras. I used to run quite a bit, dropped it for a while but now getting back with a vengeance. Just to say you're really inspiring! Keep it up! Couple of questions for you: Who takes your photos and are your shoes Montrails? Good luck for the race :)

Catra said...

Hey Shifter-

Thanks for the post.
I'm super happy I can be inspiring to you :)
Yes, I run on the Montrail ultrarunning team so the shoes are Montrail.
I actually take all my own pitures. I just set the timer and pose.

Sarah said...

Have a great run, Catra! Will be sending those positive vibes your way.
: )

~nattie~ said...

you always have these awesome photos. now i'm flabbergasted! self-timer photos? you're my hero! (for more than one reason now)

Gregg Lynn said...

All the best in San Diego! Give 'em hell.

Catra said...

Hey Sarah-

Catra said...

Hey Nattie-
ahhh...You're so sweet thanks for the comments.

Catra said...

Hey Greg-
Thanks I had a blast!