Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm a winner!!!!!! 1st girl & 4th overall :)
Never in my wildess dreams did I think I was going to win the SF 1 day. First of all I'm a mountain runner, not a road runner. Second of all I just ran San Diego 100 mile trail race the week before.
The weather was perfect, the first day sunny and warm, the views were amazing. There were 100's of people out running and walking along the course. You had to weave in and out of people & dogs. I was happy for the night to come so I could just run without having to pay attention.
I ran a consistent race and remaind positive and motivate the whole time. I only slowed down for a couple hours I think.
There were so many fast woman there so I never considered winning or placing. My goal was to run 100 miles in 24 hours.
Im not sure when I took over the womans lead. My friend and hero Kathy D'onofrio was running a great race but had problems so stopped at 84 miles. I think once I hit 85 miles I was in the lead. I wasn't paying attention to the leader board.
I know Jennifer Ray took the lead at some point I later passed her and she took the lead again. I was just focused on running 100 miles.
I realized the last time I passed Jenn I could win I wasn't planning on walking once I paced her. So I new I had nothing to lose if I pushed the last 7 miles. I thought that would be cool to win this race especially after running a 100 mile trail race the week before.

All during the day, and night, I recived motavating emails from so many of you, who read my blog. It truly inspire me those last hours to push hard to win for all my friends. Thanks to all of you for believing in me.
Thank you Randy for your support. I still can't beleive you road out on your Harley just to go 1 mile with me your the best ever. Oh, thanks to Jason too you guys rock.
Also my friend Lorrie from crossfit came out and ran 5 miles with me. Thanks.

I'm still in shock that I won. I really had to work for this win. If you want something bad enough you can get it. In the end I wanted this win and I got it :)

Thanks to Sarah & Wendell for putting on such a great event the views were awesome. Also all the volunteers were great you guys rock!!! I suggest this race to everyone! The second day it was typical SF weather foggy & cold. Just happy the race was started Saturday & not Sunday.

Next up Javelina 100 this weekend.


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Gregg Lynn said...

Kick-Ass, Catra! Winner, winner, chicken dinner---you're incredible. Great job!

Anonymous said...

you are an amazing best trash trail runner girl....
i follow you with a webcast race ...i'm very excited after each checkpoint!!!!!
still congratulations...

Travis said...

Congrats!!! There's nothing better then going out with a "just get it done" attitude and walking away with a top performance.

Catra said...

Hey Gregg lynn- LOL... you're so fun!
Thanks so much!

Catra said...

Hey Ju-
That's right I'm the BEST trash girl out on the trails.
Thanks for following me my friend.
This weekend you can follow me at the Javelina 100 trail race.

Catra said...

Hey Travis-
Thanks for the post.

Randy said...

Congratulations baby! You are the BEST!

Eudemus said...

Way to go Catra! You kicked some serious ass out there! may need to consider changing your blog name if you run that well on the roads ;-).

Catra said...
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Catra said...

Thanks my friend. No I don't ever want to be considered a road runner. Well even though I will be running a road 100 in two weeks. That's the whole reason I was at SF 1 day. It was a training run for the road..LOL!!

jgirl said...

You ROCK! Just checked in to see how you did and WOW! Congratulations. Keep putting your mind to IT. You INSPIRE us and leave us with no excuses. You are ON FIRE, girl!

So...Randy has to ride his Harley now to keep up with you (jk, he he he). You know good people Catra :) ~j

Pre menstrual Princess said...

hi, you´r so great!

i´m from Chile.

Catra said...

Hey Jenelle-
Thank you so much. I'm still shocked at how when you make the mind and body work together you can do anything.
I also believe all the positive energy & prayers people send me during my race's work.
Yep, Randy has to ride his Harley along side of me to keep up..LOL..
Thanks for the post.

Catra said...

Hey p m p-
Thanks for the post and compliment.
WOW all the way from Chile.

Sarah said...

That's so great, Catra! What an awesome run! : ) Congrats!

runrgrrl7 said...

congratulations once again! You are my hero!


runrgrrl7 said...

congratulations once again! You are my hero!


Kim said...

WOW! That's so awesome!! I kept checking in on the webcast, but it was hard to figure out the time difference from EST!!!
Congratulations and have fun at Javelina!! I will think of you at the Mountain Masochist Race this weekend!!

Jessica Deline said...

You rock! Way to go Catra! And I hope you enjoy Javelina this weekend!

John Fors said...

Great run Catra!
What a supert streak of runs you have had last few months!


Jack said...

Congratulations Catra, you are an awesome and inspiring runner and person. Stay you!

squirrel_nutz said...

Nice work Catra...

OK I had a (very) weird dream after following your first day where a ton of little girls showed up at Crissy Field all dressed like you (temp tattoos, skirts, bandanas, orange sunglasses, etc) to run alongside their newest sports idol.

(I think this will probably start happening for real).

See ya around.

widup said...


Catra said...

Hey SN-

i love your dream..Very cute :)

Catra said...

Hi Jessica-
Javelina should be fun :)

Catra said...

Hey JF-
Thanks you so much :)

Catra said...

Hey Jack-
Thanks for the sweet comments. Very nice :)