Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friday night fun run from Chantry mile 75 to the finish along the AC 100 mile course. from left to right Calvin, drew, Dave, Catra & Andy
We had a blast on our night run. It was humid and warm again. Andy hurt his finger during the run. He smashed it on a rock when he was getting water from the stash. We all started out together and planned to stay together but that didn't happen.

Calvin was ahead of Dave and Drew he missed the turn and . The two guys thought he kept going so just kept going. Andy and I were surprised they all kept going. That is why you always wait at junctions to make sure everyone is ok.

That is how me and my friends run when were in a group. Just in case something happens.

Andy and I were running together, a few hours into it, I finally saw lights up on the switch backs in idlehour canyon. so we knew at least one person was ahead.

A little while later, I saw a light behind us it was Calvin who had went off course. That's why you always wait at junctions when running together.

Us three stayed together and ran to the finish.
We found the other two guys at the cars and they thought Calvin was ahead.

I told them when running together you should always wait at junctions. I told them it's all about safety at night.

We finished around 5 am. Even though we got separated we all were safe and had a good time.

Along the run Calvin saw a bear ,and I heard one crashing down a mountain.

Rocky and I will be heading home today from a fun visit with Andy in Sierra Madre. Not looking forward to the 5.5 hour drive :(


JeffO said...

Tarantulas are cool. Spiders belong outside and on the ground.
However, that monster on its web you showed us a week ago... Yuck! That's one of the main reasons i live in Colorado - not many bugs.

CoyoteGirl said...

Neato! Like the tarantula. I'm always afraid of stepping on one this time of year.

I'll be seeing you at Skyline to the Sea! :)

mindful mule said...

I've never seen tarantulas up there in the San Gabriel mountains. Maybe I need to go out at night some time...