Wednesday, September 03, 2008

ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE EIGHTEEN?????That was the question I was asked today ,when I went to buy a lotto ticket at my local Quick stop.
I looked at the lady ,and said with a smile on my face, I was eighteen 25 years ago.
Her jaw dropped and I told her thanks. You made my day.
I know I look young but I don't think I look that young.
Been busy at work since I got back from my stay in Sierra Madre. I need to rent one of the rooms out in our house. My uncle moved to a retirement inn. Which should be nice for him.
If anyone knows of someone that needs a place let me know. It's in a nice quite area 15 min. drive from the trailhead.
I will be pacing my best friend Julia at Wasatch 100 this weekend looking forward helping her out. I have run this race I think 5 times. I really do love the race. I was sad I wasn't part of it last year. I have either paced or run it every year since 2000. Hope to see some of
out there.


leslie said...

FABULOUS compliment and completely deserved! You look amazing!

CoyoteGirl said...

I wish someone would say that to me! But they are right - you do look young and fabulous!

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! Great compliment!!

Stuart said...

A well earned compliement, all the time and effort you spend looking after yourself pays off in the end, good luck at Wasatch!