Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ask for guidance in seeing the truth concealed in your personal challenges.Bless your difficulties and ask to see their hidden guidance. Have the courage to accept what you discover and to initiate whatever action your healing requires.

I hope everyone is healing from AC 100. My knee is still sore but my body feels good. Finally had my bridge and new crowns put in. I had a temp. one in. My dentist couldn't believe it lasted 6 months without coming out.
I wish money did grow on trees. I had to pay 1200 bucks to have it put in that's why I waited so long. Well at least I only had to pay 600 of my own money my flex card covered the rest.
Have a great day.


Snakebite said...

May your new bridge span the canyon of dental nasties and provide safe passage on the highway of bitchin' orthodonture.

franske said...

I enjoy your story about your runningevent. Do you have a post about your training-program.I'am just curious.
In december i will participate in "De hel van Kasterlee". It is an off-road duathlon. 15km of running, then 105km of off-road cycling and again running but now 30 km.
Training is like an addiction, when i don't train (it doesn't matter if it is running-cycling-climbing etc.. even meditation). Jus't sitting isn't me.


:) Getting dental work done ALWAYS sucks! I've been putting off getting an implant for a couple of years now...... (they drill into your jaw......) Nope, not cool!!

Hope You're healing up well!



rodney said...

I hate dental work! I need my wisdeom teeth taken out, and I have been putting it off...for years.

CoyoteGirl said...

Well, at least it was partially covered...that's good! I hope it's workin' out and your chomping well. :)

See you tomorrow at Skyline to the Sea! I'm already nervous.

GGC said...

I want to thank you for your blog, I have brain surgery this Friday and I can tell you that your bog and words of encouragement is one of the things that I check daily. Dont ever stop being you.