Monday, December 17, 2007

Scroll down to read about my b-day run Dec. 21st-22nd

I'm glowing just like an Angel..LOL
Rocky going for a PR on Mission Peak. He was very focused.
The People & their Masters. I often feel like the dogs are the one's in control. In this picture they are. Sofie the white dog is still a pup so she doesn't listen very well. Mimi is 8 and most of the time listens. And then there's my little man Rocky. He's a good boy. I must admit he's a bit slow at times and doesn't listen when you call him. Other then that my little Rocky is perfect!!! LOL.....
I really do feel sorry for my little Rocky sometimes. He's so low to the ground. He only gets a veiw of peoples feet. I like to pick him up and walk around with him so he can enjoy the views once in awhile. Just like in this photo.

"There is a power at work that is not seen but nevertheless exists. When we are unable to deal with, or change, our situation this unforeseen power comes to our aid. So expect difficulties or obstacles to be transformed or even neutralised, but in all cases with a positive outcome. There is nothing to fear at this time, it is only a process, as the old gives way to the new. Without change growth cannot occur. The right ideas or actions will become apparent.
© Stephen Haynes"


Olga said...

Catra, you're so beautiful...happy upcoming birthday, dear, lotsa love!

Anonymous said...

Hi catra, Happy birthday!! I can't make it down for your run because Ruby has a bunch of stuff to do. So I'll start my long snowshoerun Friday at 4:30 am in honor of you!!Thanks for the inspiration, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra,
Hope you had a good birthday.. Mine is coming up on the 26th.. You and Rocky have a good Christmas.
Will you be running Rocky Raccoon
100 next year?

Charlie T

Catra said...

Hi Olga-
Thanks so much my beautiful friend.
Love ya,

Catra said...

I'm bummed :( Will you guys be visting your parents at all for the holidays??? If so call me.

Kathy that's so sweet, you will be starting with me and running with me. Doesn't matter that your in Truckee and I'm in Fremont our spriits are with each other ;)
You are amazing and I love you for being you.
I will get a hold of you before Hurt 100.
Give Ruby a hug from me.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Catra... have a Happy Birthday run... run a mile for my dad. He was born on Dec.22, 1898. I'll be doing a solo trip on San Diego Bay on my new 14' Eaton paddle-board. Enjoy the Holidays, and have a Happy New Year... and don't forget the Ombrelle sunscreen !!!... take care, Stevo

Janis said...

Happy Birthday! You are such a gift- each time I read your blog I leave feeling motivated and more positive. I hope this upcoming year is your BEST ever!


Janis said...

Happy birthday!!! Reading your blog is such a gift. Each entry leaves me more motivated and centered. I hope this upcoming yeat is your BEST ever! :)
Thanks again for the boost!