Friday, December 28, 2007

So I get a post from a person who didn't leave their name. Saying I should stop posting pictures of myself. And talking about myself on my blog, and they wish I would talk about something more interesting.
LOL...Ok so whoever you are, this is called Dirt Diva's blog..WHY?? Because it's about me..DUH. So don't visit. I only want positive and motivated people on my blog. Thank you very much!!!!
FYI ANON. If you look through the pictures in the past 7 days or so. There's pictures of my friends and my dog, and yes there is a story about my 43 hour run that some find interesting.
Ok anon you can go back to sitting on your butt eating crappy food and watching T.V
Sorry friends about the rant.

Alameda creek run before crossfit.
I told my crossfit instructor Freddy I would wear these for a crossfit work one day. I'm still training in them..LOL...
These abs are not from running. They are from crossfit workouts. No crappy food in this body ;)
Crossfit body 100%
Tell at least one person you love them today!


Jeff Mahr said...

Please don't stop posting photos of yourself..... pllllllllllleeeeeeezzzeeee

(your gorgeous)

(inspiring and all that stuff too, but let's face facts, your gorgeous)

E-Speed said...

Girl if I looked as hot as you I would post photos of myself everyday too! You are very inspirational for a lot of runners. Love your blog!

Rob said...

Hey I just want to say I love your pictography(ies?). Especially out running. Your 80's are more like bad flashbacks :)

Your super outfit with the boots is super! Though a longer cape might improve looks while flying around your competition.

Cheers and have a great new year.

Anonymous said...

I say bring on the pictures!! After is about you, like you say:) and seeing what you do is very motivating, at least for me:) So please, take even me pictures, if you ask me;)

Anonymous said...

Good for you Catra. You are pure inspiration, don't ever stop posting pictures or writing about whatever. I'm 43 too and wish I looked that good, but hey, at least I get out there to run. Whoever anon is, they're just jealous. So rock on!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous is jealous and is therefore trying to make you feel bad..

You are a huge inspiration. I loved reading about your recent event/birthday challenge! Badass and I can think of absolutely NO other way than to truly feel so alive & celebrate your birthday. Happy trails~ Jon

Snakebite said...

Please DON'T stop posting pictures of you! Wowza!!!

Bigby PA said...

I think your pics are dyno-mite and your blog rocks! I think you rock so keep being an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

The b&w mid-section pic w/skull top and black shorts basically says it all. Crush. A long way from doe-eyed goth girl, though cut from the same cloth. You invest it all, whatever you do.

STOP POSTING PICTURES OF YRSELF no no. That's too funny, demanding new content from a personal blog.

I like yr trail shots for sure, if only to see the beautiful west coast mountains. i mean, that's dedication, trekking camera phone out there and actually taking time to take pics for your devoted followers to enjoy a bit of the Diva's dish. Thanks.

'08 is coming on! Again, Ms. C, thanks for rallying the troops as only the Diva does.


Anonymous said...

You're a complete hottie, and I love checking in to see your exploits. Tell the jerk to butt out.

BTW, where did you find the rockin skull tank and socks?

Unknown said...

I say, if you don't like the channel then change it. No one is forcing you. Love your blog. Keep it going girl. I am turning forty and kind of freaking out, but at least I am running marathons and cycling centuries. I just created a blog just for my adventures and my future inspiration in doing PCT.

JeffO said...

Right-on, Catra! Who would say a "BLOG" should be about something else?!?! Since no one is forced to see your blog, how could it be anything else but raw jealously? There's about a trillion other Internet links they can choose from. Why complain about someone who's all about being the best they can be?
You go, Girl!

Unknown said...

Keep doing what you do.

Like so many others, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. It serves me as a good source of motivation too.

Naturally those who criticise don't believe in themselves enough to put their name to it.

Anonymous said...

please keep your blog content going on and on and on.....
you inspire me daily, and I am always thankful for that!
your positiveness is wonderfully contagious!

have a great,safe & joyous 2008


Anonymous said...

I love your pics, I love taking self pics,and all my firends think its weird but I say F em..anyway you are a stud and we love your blogs!

We need to run together..I am starting to run again after taking a month off...I need me some trails.

Anonymous said...

Catra... tell anom to go pound sand. You are an inspiration to all us old farts... LOL... take care, and have a great New Year... Stevo

Anonymous said...

i visit your site for your pics. tell the jealous woman to stop eating potato chips and watching soaps and get in shape if she wants to get attention like you.

Josh said...

How dare you post pictures of yourself and write about yourself on YOUR blog, lol! How dumb can some people be?? If you stop posting pictures of yourself and started writing about "Something more interesting" (whatever that means) I'd stop coming to your blog. I want to know about Catra, you inspire all of us!

What about a Dirt Diva Calendar? That would be HOT!

Catra said...

Thanks to all of you, you all ROCK..I just wrote that in hopes that who ever made the comment would see the light..LOL..
I know there are people that don't like me for what ever reason, and I'm ok with that. What I'm not ok is that someone would take the time to be mean. Like a few said just don't look at my blog. No one forced you to.
Hey Josh about the calander there will be one for 2009 so stayed tuned. It is a project I'm working on with a photog.
The book is something I hope to get going on in 2009 as well. Still gotta find someone to help with that. And there may be a documentary about me on the PCT 2008, waiting to hear back on that too.
You guys are all great and I love each and everyone of you.

Janis said...

Anon needs a big glass of haterade! Keep the hotness going sister!

Catra said...

hey keep rolling The shirt & socks were b-day gifts from my friend Julia.
U can order them from

Jeff Mahr said...

ha - i am glad someone else admitted coming here for the pictures! i stumbled on you while looking up PCT throughikers and thought, damn - she is sure upping the ante. i can see a new genre of fetish site posting pics of long distance runners doing xcountry in spiky heeled boots.

my dream is to do the pct with my son (currently 2 years old) but probably over the course of a few years.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

Your a great inspiration for all of us who read your blog.
Keep show the pictures.


Chef Bill

Anonymous said...

Ignore anon - I just found your blog about a month ago, and it inspired me to return to cross country running (even though we have tons of snow). Keep up the good work, and inspirational stuff.
BTW - the 43 hr run was crazy!!! I thought my 24 hr mountain bike racing stuff was nutto before - kudos.

Shari Baby said...

I had some fuckhead post horrible messages on my blog as well. Talking about the nonsence I post there, pictures of myself, blah blah blah! The funny thing is that they - whoever it is- hides behind the internet with an anon name that you can't even reposnd to him/her. What an ass! The sad thing is they probably are lonely, fat, lazy thugs who have nothung better to do then to feel jealous about strong, fit, confident women like us. To whoever that loser is - you onoly make us stronger....moron!

GB said...

Catra, KEEP ON posting the way you do. You are AWESOME! Nothing you post is boring, puhleeze. I look forward to reading your blog all the time. Thank you!

Catra said...

Hey Shari-
Good to hear from you....You know sista we're always going to have haters because we are strong and beautiful.
I was hoping to see you at CIM but read you weren't running it. I worked the expo.
I hope you are staying injury free.
Happy New year to you and B and the kids.
I hope to come to SC crossfit for a workout one day. Maybe soon.

Catra said...

Hey Janis you are so right!!!

Shari Baby said...

Maybe you haven't heard....We opened a new Crossfit in Scotts Valley...CrossFit North Santa Cruz. IT"S AWESOME!! Brendan and I, Jason & Suzie and Ronnie and Robin. check it out have classes all the time and I'd love to kick your ass!! tee hee :) Stay strong....

Anonymous said...

Viva Dirt Diva! You're a big inspiration to me so keep on keeping on!--Josh Mietz (noticed I left my name!)

Gracewanderer said...

I'm sorry, did you just say that you did a 43 hour run? As in you ran for 43 hours straight, without stopping to sleep or anything? I had trouble doing a 5k yesterday. Holy crap. Wish I could run for that long :D

Also, what the crap Anonymous? Talking about yourself is what blogs are FOR!

Keep it up, Dirt Diva =)

Angelica said...

I read your blog by inspires me to run...i love running too but my foot is always hurting after a short run...but this will not stop me from running...i find ways to make my foot better...keep up the good work :)