Friday, December 14, 2007


Julia and me heading up Mission Peak on a very cold morning. Julia joined me for 20 miles of my 26 mile run today.
Poor Momma cow, two yellow billed Magpies seem to be hicthing a ride on her back.
Me and a few of my friends below Mission Peak.
Loving life what more can I say.
This is where I will be running through during my 43 hour b-day run next week. Rose Peak is to the right and on the other side is Del Valle,

"All roads lead to Rome! Or in other words all paths lead to the same place. But before those paths lead us to anywhere we have to stop thinking about it and get on with it. This is a time of action and movement. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, we’re not perfect. If you realise you’ve made a mistake then make another choice and get back to the right path. Revamp objectives and approach life from another perspective.
© Stephen Haynes"


Anonymous said...

cold??? How cold could it be with all that green, plenty I am sure.
Had not seen you mention, so thought I would inquire; how is your raw food lifestyle going?

Thanks again for the cool content

positive vibes,

Dane said...

26 miles without an ugly t-shirt and non-precious metal at the end?! No thank you! ;)

You moderate your comments AND force me to type those damn letters afterwards too?!

Anonymous said...

The pics from the last few blog entries look sooooo beautiful. You should send the newt photo over to - the best beady eyes ever on that li'l fellow. I'm also planning a birthday challenge. This is my 1st one, and it's basically stealth. The Dutch just don't get the concept. At first I thought, oh hey, I'll just try to get them enthused about it and they'll want to climb onboard the awesome Debbie train. But I was getting so much negativity (a la "you are crazy", "you're gonna hurt yourself",etc.) that I've just decided to do it all stealth like. It's gonna be my Ninja Birthday Challenge cause it'll be all under the radar. Anyway, have great fun with your challenge and happy birthday! -Deb

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,
In regards to running 43 hours.
Do you ever get scared out on the trail in the middle of the night?
I must admit that I am scared to try! (unless it is an organized race, where there are lots of people running with me)
Healthy Regards,

Auburnchick said...

Catra, love your blog and have been a silent follower, but find now I'm ready to comment... The quotes you've added lately have been right on target for things that are going on in my life. Thank you for being a great inspiration.

Have a great time on your 43 hour run. I'm sending good thoughts your way - from one Capricorn to another!

HEH said...

Love the Yellow-Billed Magpie picture!
One of my first hikes up to Mission Peak had me discovering that bird for the first time.
The Yellow-Billed Magpie is the species that got me into birdwatching.
Thanks for sharing that great image.