Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's that time again Catra's Birthday Run. This year I will be out running 43 hours through the Ohlone wilderness. Yep I'm turning 43!!!! Everyone is invited. Start 4:30 am Dec.21 Finsh Dec.22 11:30 pm.

The plan: I will start from Stanford staging area in Fremont at 4:30 am this Friday Dec.-21 I will run along the Ohlone wilderness trail same route as the Ohlone 50k. We will arrive in Sunol at 7am for those who want to hook up there. We will continue on to Del Valle we will arrive at 1:30pm if you want you could run out from Del Valle towards Rose Peak to meet me and my gang of crazies who are all running 100k with me ;)

We will then head back towards Fremont. We should arrive back around 11pm Friday night where we will all run 1 mile to Fast Jerrys house for hot soup.( He is running the 100k as his b-day run he's turning 62) Me and a couple other crazy friends who are planning on running 100 miles with me will head back out at 12am. We should arrive in Sunol at 4am. the park doesn't open until 7am but you could start then and catch us at some point we will turn around at Rose peak. We should be coming back at 11am so you could meet up and head back with us. I should make it back to Sunol at 3pm. I will make it back to Fremont at 6-7pm and head back out then for another 4.5 hours.
As long as you stay on the Ohlone wilderness 50k course you will bump into me. If you plan on heading out and want to see where I'm at just call my cell I will have it with me. 510-585-6559.

Please email me if you want to join

If anyone plans on running out from Del Valle Friday let me know we don't have a resupply there and it would be nice if you could bring some supplies out.

I will have snacks, drinks and goodies at mile 10,52, 62 Jerrys(63),74,94,104, 114 and finish 123.

Hope some of you can make it. it's going to be FUN!!!!

Just a FYI, the East bay regional park rangers and management along with EBRP police know I am out there running my b-day run. I have an ok to do so. If any of you head out after hours and get stopped just let them know you are out to meet up with me. The park does close at 10pm-5am Please carry your permit if you have one.


Anonymous said...


EnergeticRick!!! said...

I may sound like a nut by saying this but hey, what the heck.... here goes.....
You are freaking awesome!!! I am so inspired by you. I am only 25 and your going to be 43, and your proud of that, rather trying to hide your age like most 43 year olds. You have so much energy and strength, I really do honestly look up to you. I wanna do the things you are doing (multi day hikes, runs, living a fun life, etc.) and inspire and help people the way you are!!! Have the happiest birthday ever!!! I would be running with everyone else with you on your birthday, but ATY is just so close..... (I can't wait)
Take care of your self and have the best birthday ever!!!!

Jeffro said...

Have a great birthday run! Wish I could join you for some of it. Thanks for inspiring me to step up my cross training and running too. What does Rocky do while you are out on extra long runs?

GB said...

Hey Catra! I'll be thinking about you on your birthday run. I wish I could join you for a few miles. I'll be patrolling the streets of San Jose instead. Be safe on the run!

Catra said...

Hey Jerry-
Thanks so much for the post ;)

Catra said...

Hey Rick-
Thank you! I really don't understand why people are affraid of getting older! I celebrate each year as a celebration that I am lucky to be alive. I know God has a plan for me and I just am along for the ride :)
I am so happy to touch such a great person as yourself. I want everyone to know age is simply a number that's all.
If you take care of your body & mind you can live a wonderful life.
Make me proud and kick some ass at ATY. Tell everyone I said hi there.
Merry X-Mas.

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-
Rocky is lucky he's never really alone. Me & my sister own our house together. Our elderly Uncle lives with us and feeds Rocky when I'm gone. I also have a nephew Aaron who is 19 and lives with us.
Rocky hangs with him while I'm gone. Rocky has a brother, Fred my sisters cat they are buddies. Rocky sure has the best life don't you think???

RunBubbaRun said...

Happy B-day Catra,

You make me look forward in turning a bit older every year. So I can at least attempt some sort of b-day run like yours..

But I think your spirit and desire is most important most of all that is so inspirational.

Have a great run. Wish I was near that area to do a couple of miles with you..

Anonymous said...

Hey Catra,

Reading your blog makes me a lot less worried about getting older, that's for sure! What should really motivate others is that you didn't really get into fitness until well into your 30s (right?). So the take-home message from your blog is that "it's never too late to get in shape"!

How's the backcountry guiding venture coming along??? I'll be one of your first customers once you're up & running! ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Catra-

that's awesome how our birthday's are close to each other! mine is on the 23rd! it's soo rad!

but that's awesome, i agree with everyone else. i was suprised to see that you spilled your age! it's cool that you don't care about getting much older either. you're a total inspiration to me and i'm starting to see, i shouldn't be so chicken about it either! Thanks!

now if i could go farther than a mile, i'd have a 16 mile run ;)

i hope your birthday rocks girl!

Love Yah,
Whitney - xoxox

Catra said...

Hi To My favorite teenager, yeah you Whitney!!!
You are such an amazing young girl. I know your parents are proud of you. Ok make sure they buy you a brand new car of your choice for your B-day. Sweet 16, I remember my sweet 16 b-day. Me and all my friends went to the skating rink and hung out, and checked out all the cute boys. I know you can't do that because you have a cutie for a boyfriend. Josh better treat you right or he'll have to deal with me ;)
Have a very Happy Sweet 16 my friend. Tell your Mom and Dad hi.
Have an awesome Christmas.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...


You have my blessing to do your birthday run tomorrow. Wish I could be there. Happy Birthday!

Volunteer, East Bay Regional Parks Police Services, Mountain Bike Patrol

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and Holiday Catra!

I will try and catch up with you somewhere around mile 63. As I didn't have much luck catching up with you last year but planning this year will be better with other joining me to help celebrate this important year.

Lisa Felder

Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Hi Catra,

On my daily sluggish commute over I-880S, I alway enjoy pondering on Mission Peak. Today, I imagined you and other folks running over there! It's very inspiring just like your other Birthday challenges and adventures.

Be safe and don't get too cold. It was frosty everywhere in Fremont this morning.

Happy Birthday and Holidays!

Chihping (same age group)