Monday, December 03, 2007

ATALANTA ATHLETICWEAR.................................
I had a blast this weekend working with the skirt goddess herself Heather. I worked the atalanta athleticwear booth at the CIM marathon. It was fun, saw lots of ultrarunners picking up there bibs and cruising the expo. I was excited talking to many marathoners some running their first. I remember how excited I was too. Met many people who have seen me in magazines or read my blog.
Please check out Heathers web-site it is a woman owned company and is from the Bay area. Her products are made right here is the USA. These days it's almost impossible to find products made here. These skirts are great I love them. Just tested out the skirt with capris and the long sleeve shirt. Ran 12 miles round trip in them yesterday to work and home. I love that she came out with the capri pant skirt perfect for cold rainy days. The shirts are great little thumb holes to keep hands warm.
Guys skirts are perfect skirt for your girls.
Check out her stuff and make sure to tell Heather I sent you.

Me & sillililli(GB) from runners world & blog. Finally met this beautiful soul in person. Girl I hope you ran strong. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Michelle & me. I also know Michelle from the runnersworld forum. I hope you had a great run and I hope your Dad is doing much better it was great meeting you & your hubby. I need your email addy for my b-day run. email me

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Anonymous said...

hi catra,

my girlfriend and i did a run on from no hands up to auburn dam overlook then up towards cool on saturday morning after the ws lottery. we must've just missed you guys. i didn't have the heart to drag her up k-2 on the first go. definitely next trip. :)

great pictures and nice skirts. :)



GB said...

Catra, it was awesome to meet you face to face! You are such a positive person and your good mojo must've rubbed off on me. I ran a 3:19:44, shaving 10 minutes off my previous best time and coming in under my goal of 3:20.

I've said it many times before and I mean it completely, you are an inspiration to runners of all distances! Thank you!!!

Catra said...

Girl U R BAD ASS!!! That's awesome, I could never run a marathon that fast.
I'm so proud of you!
Awesome meeting U.

Catra said...

Hey Hao-
Good thing U didn't take her up K-2, if U did she might be your X-girlfriend..LOL!!!!
Hey you should get your GF a running skirt for X-MAS just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog because of the skirtgoddess. I love those skirts too by the way!

Currently training for my fourth marathon and just love reading other women blogger posts.