Monday, December 10, 2007

"WHEN YOU ARE THROUGH CHANGING, YOU ARE THROUGH." hmmm, could this be while I'm always changing, and trying new things and traveling to new places??? I think so.

We had our work party at REI Sunday it was a blast. This is a picture of my co-worker Chantal and me bowling.

Me doing the crossfit WOD with a 10 pound weighted vest
Crossfit yesterday. Our WOD was run 1.1 miles

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
for 20 min.
Then run 1.1 miles again.
I did this WOD 3 times yesterday and I also did my first Krav Maga class. I will do Krav Maga 2 times a week, I loved it.
Ok here are my times 1st 15 rounds, 32:51 2nd 12 rounds +6 push ups 34:40 in between Kra Maga 3rd 11 rounds + 6 push ups 34:40
Have a great day..........................
"Don’t try to weigh things up or make a hasty judgement, the time is not right. Things haven’t yet had time to establish themselves so judging them too soon would be a waste of time and energy. Let things and situations have space and time to evolve. Let tomorrow take care of itself. Problems or obstacles that have been in your way will either resolve or dissolve as time goes by. This would be a great time to do a kindness or a charitable deed for someone less fortunate than you. This will be energetically replaced with a valuable piece of information. © Stephen Haynes"



Looking great Catra!!!! I had about 2 months off, now I'm sitting in New Jersey and heading down to Honduras pretty quick.......



GB said...

The bowling pic is so cute! I'm still on a recovery schedule after the CIM, but I can't wait to get started on CrossFit again. My body is screaming for it. You look strong!