Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Quarry lakes/Alameda creek trail run.
You should always try and have fun when you run. I like to mix my runs up when I'm alone doing sprints from one tree to the next. Lately I have been doing three crossfit exercises when I'm running. It goes like this run 1 mile(on short runs up to 8 miles) Longer runs I will run 5 miles and do the work-out. then do three crossfit moves doing 33 reps( I have a thing for the number 3). I usually do box jumps on a bench, burpees, air squats, push ups using the bench and lunges. I need to buy a jump rope and carry it in my pack so I can do double unders.
Happy running heading to crossfit after a 10 mile run :)
Box jumps aka bench jumps
Walking lunges. Bad form my knee should not be that far foward.
Air squats in Quarry lakes on a cool crisp evening.
Beautuful Quarry lakes at sunset....................................
"Change, disruption or obstacles could be the order of the day! There is a reason for each of these occurrences but in general it can be said that the way in which you are doing things, or viewing things, has to change. Very often the universe takes a hand and helps you by clearing away the debris of the old, but be assured that what is right, essential or just plain needed, will remain in place. In all cases be calm in the face of these unexpected events and just know that everything is going to be all right. © Stephen Haynes"


Snakebite said...

Wowza!!! Great legs!

Catra said...

Thank you mr. snakebite!
BTW where did you get the name?

Anonymous said...

just curious, why 3's? numerology? just a lucky number?
BTW sobe green tea and decaf after my run today $3.33 thought of you and giggled.

Randy said...

Haha! I remember a time when you didn't even wanna attempt a box jump on a bench...


Good for you! I am glad you are enjoying Crossfit. Keep it up!

Catra said...

Hi Jeffery-
Ever since I could remember I always loved the number 3. Every sports team I ever played on I usually was number 3. I often look at the clock in my car or my watch and it's says 3:33.
My b-day is 12 +(3) 24=(6) which breaks doun to 3's. Also add up my first and last name =12 when added =3.
My address 5121=9 which=3 3 3.
I see 3's every where I go. I feel it's a lucky sign when I see 333. I could go on and on. I think you get the picture.

christine said...

beautiful shot of the quarry lake. i've been having fun with my camera too.

Catra said...

Hey Randy-
It's all your fault I'm addicted to another drug. First it was speed now it's crossfit ;)
Hey when you going to come my way for a visit??? Love to see you. We could hook up at Crossfit one world then go hang out catch a movie or whatever.
We have a 6pm class maybe you can come during the week. Let me know.
I hope you are well my friend.

Catra said...

Hi Christine-
Great pictures on your blog. Hopefully U can come out for a little bit on my b-day run. I will post details next week.