Sunday, December 23, 2007

Catra's 43 hour b-day run.

Left, Dave, Julia, Catra(b-day girl), Mike, Radu and 100k B-day boy Fast Jerry.
Jerry was being very bad so Julia and I had to teach him a lesson.
Sometime you just can't explain what's going on.
Jerry & me on a peak that is suppose to be higher then Rose Peak. Destinys peak.

The white stuff is snow in the Sierras.
I had an awesome turn out. I must mention Jerry ran 100k( 62 miles) he turned 62 so we added his b-day run with my b-day run. Joe Pham became the 3rd person to run 100 miles out in the Ohlone wilderness it was the 12th time I have run 100 miles or more along the trail. Radu ran 50 miles, Julia 40, Dave & Mike, 31, Fred 30, Mylinh, 40 and Antonia 30.
This year I had a great turn out of friends. We had a blast. It was a very cold morning on Friday. With the wind chill I think it never got above 40. The trail was frozen and iced over. It was super windy on our way to Del Valle area. I took everyone on an adventure to explore Destinys peak. It's a peak that is suppose to be higher then Rose. The area is kinda creepy abandoned trailers, looks like they might have a couple Meth labs out there.
I was pretty cold most of the day. I was getting a little freaked, that once it got dark I would freeze to death. I wanted to make it back to Sunol mile 42 before it was really late. We got there around 7pm, I think.
I had my warm pants waiting for me :)
We headed back out to Mission Peak and to Jerrys mile 52 for hot soup and food.
Julia bailed in Sunol she was having a foot issue and We left Dave & Mike who were just going one way at Maggies camp. Joe & I stayed together since we were going long. Jerry took off with Radu towards Fremont. The Peak was very windy & cold. Thank god Joe had a extra flash-light because mine went out on a tough rocky section. I was excited to get to Jerry's because my friend Antonia was there and was going to head out with us.
We fueled up at Jerry's and headed out into the night. Oh yeah I also added lots more clothing and a hat.
Jerry went back out and would turn around 5 miles out and head back home to get his total of 62 miles in.
Jerry left us at 2:30am.
Antonia, Joe and I got to Sunol and we're freezing. I stuffed hand warmers in my gloves that's how cold it was. We headed out and at around 3:45am Antonia mentioned she was to tired to go out for our 13 mile loop in Sunol. I told her about the bathrooms there, they would make a good shelter. I also gave her my hand warmers and told her I had a garbage bag in my resupply to put over her.
I felt bad leaving her, but she would be fine.
Joe and I headed out. It was a beautiful clear night but very cold. I was worried about Joe because he kept falling asleep on his feet. A couple times I asked him a question and he said he didn't hear me right away because he was sleep walking..LOL....I was ahead of him so at times I would wait for him, and I would see his headlamp weaving, it was him sleep walking.
There were lot's of night creatures out, keeping me on my toes with their calls in the wild. Joe and I heard a really weird animal crying out it was a little freaky because I don't know what kind of animal it was. It could of been from another planet.
We made it back to Sunol at 7:45am I knocked on the door of the restroom to wake Antonia up. She didn't sleep well because it was cold. She had run in place in the bathroom to keep warm, she had quite the epic. She knew if she came out it would be an adventure with me ;)
We headed to the resupply and to visit my favorite ranger Neil who was getting ready for his work day.
He invited us into the office, but we declined the offer it was way to cold outside and way to warm inside. If we went I was afraid we wouldn't come out.
We headed out to Jerry's aid station. My legs were starting to get sore 75 miles into it. Wonder why??? ;)
On the way down the peak we ran into Mylinh and she was going to hook up with Joe and I on our way back towards Sunol.
Got to Jerry's at hour 30 only 13 more hours to go WOO HOO.
We left Antonia so she could sleep, and I would be back to have her pace me the last 3.5 hours.
We headed out Joe would turn around in 6 miles and then head back to the parking lot. That would be his 100 mile point. I was more excited for him being out there because he has wanted to finish 100 miles out on the trail. He had attempted it a couple times but blew up both times. I was really focused on seeing him be succesful. I knew I could do the 43 hours out there but really wanted my friend Joe get a hundred mile finish out on the Ohlone trail.
Mylinh , Joe's wife met up with us. When Joe got to his turn around point she decided to stay with me and head into Sunol. I was happy because I was very tired and I really needed her energy.
We had fun chatting, and catching up stuff. We saw Neil in Sunol and chatted a bit.
It was going to be another freezing night. We ran back to Fremont. My legs were getting really, really sore. I was having a tough time running down hill my knees really hurt because of all the pounding.
We got down to the parking lot and I said good-bye to Mylinh. I resupplied out of my vehicle and headed back towards the peak. I did a loop and headed back to Jerry's to get Antonia. I changed into warmer clothes, because I knew my legs were to trashed to run the last 3 hours, all I could do was walk. I decided we would cruz the streets of Fremont. We headed to Starbucks, I was going to get a tea but it was closed :( I was trying to set little goals to keep me going. I was so exhausted and delerious. Antonia was awesome she just talked and talked. All I could do was listen. I needed that, just someone to talk and tell me stories. As long as she didn't mind that I couldn't answer her back, it was all good. I really couldn't string a sentance together. I decited we would head to Safeway so I could get a Odwalla. It would work out perfect time wise ,and we would head back to stanford ave.
I had to sit for a few min. because my neck and shoulder were killing me. We had past by a car and a couple was making out. We were down the street from them and we noticed the break lights going on and off. They must of been really going at it..LOL.. A securty gaurd drove by when Antonia was massaging my shoulder. We decited to leave just in case he stopped, and I had to explain what we were doing.
We headed out again. I was happy when 43 hours came. I just wanted to get home and go to sleep.
I left Antonia and Jerry and drove away. Last year I told Jerry I would never do hours again. This year I didn't say that ;) Yes, of course I will run 44 hours next year. Well, unless I can figure out better challenge.
I really have to thank everyone because without all my wonderful friends I couldn't do this type of crazy stuff.
"~ A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. ~"


Janis said...

Thanks for sharing your story!

runjoey said...

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas from the Southeast Catra. Nice way to spend your birthday.

GB said...

You are awesome! Happy belated birthday. I wouldn't have been able to hang with you. My hat's off to you!

Anonymous said...

That totally ruled, Catra! Congratulations on such a massive effort! I figured I went 27 miles, so you're being generous by saying 30. I did run again on Saturday though, and did 36 yesterday, so I'm doing my part to not be too much of a slouch. :-)

Well done, Birthday Girl!

- Fred

John Blue said...

Happy Birthday Catra! It sounds like you had a great time.

Rebel said...

Catra - Congradulations on your run. I am so happy for you that you accomplished it. I know you will do it again next year. Have a great 43rd year.


Steve Edwards said...

Awesome, as usual. They just keep getting harder but you just keep getting fitter.

Oh, finally got this one up on the site. I think you've been on the front page of birthday challenge for 5 or 6 years now.