Tuesday, December 04, 2007

For anyone who is interested ,me and a group will be doing a 26 mile loop out in the Yosemite area This Saturday Dec. 8th.
Hetch Hetchy is the turn off, right before you enter the park gate, on the 120 from Manteca. We will be meeting at 8am. The gate opens at 8am and closes at 5pm that's why we are starting early.
We start at the O'Shaughnessy dam to Lake Eleanor rd/trail junction then climb to Miguel Meadow juntion, up Lake Eleanor cut off up to Beehive follow Jack main Canyon to Lake Vernon through Tiltill valley than by the waterfalls Rancheria, Wapama. Back to Eleanor rd to O'Shaughnessy dam.
Let me know if you're interested. If the weather is super bad we might not go. I think it should be ok. Please let me know who will be going catrarunner@yahoo.com
so far there is 7 going.

A reflection of myself in a mirror

This wisdom card is perfect for what is going on in my life, this explains what i've been going through ;)
"Get ready, I repeat, get ready, as the wheel is about to turn and an old cycle end and a new cycle begin. A new way of doing things is about to commence. The struggle will now be over as life rapidly turns into something much better. Sometimes there has to be havoc and chaos while a new order is established. Don’t get stuck on how it ought to be, let things go the way they will - this will bring you much good fortune. Don’t forget to say thank you for this chance to begin again. © Stephen Haynes"

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Anonymous said...

Hi Catra! I just love your blogs - so very inspiring. I had a question on the pull-ups from an earlier blog - 100 pull-ups in less than 5 minutes? That is super incredible. I tried my own mini-version of Cross fit and could only do 4 pull-ups. How long did it take you to work up to 100 ? ?