Friday, October 20, 2006

The look of a very happy couple!
I'm on my way to San Diego. I hope everyone has a awesome weekeknd.

Zen Card...Balance
The center is not
always the point of
balance. When you find
that place where
Balance is
achieved, peace will
result in all situations.
There is no conflict. For
everything rests
without strain.

Looks like I hae finally found balance in my life. Thanks to you Randy.

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Ultra Okie said...

go forth and kick ass young lady. i am off to amarillo. good vibes


Feminist Runner said...

Good luck, Catra!

runrgrrl7 said...

Lots of luck Catra!!


Anonymous said...

happy running ,happy face, happy day, happy legs,
happy life......

so good LUCK :)

Debbie said...

Yee Haw Miss Cat,
Hey, 2 questions... is there a way to follow your progress at the race... a la official website or something? And question 2... I linked your blog off my expat running blog. Is that cool? Again, may you kick ass and have yet another fine journey.

Jessica Deline said...

I'll be thinking about you Sunday as I run my marathon. Maybe thinking about you and your 100 miles will make my effort feel much easier :)
Good luck!!

Ryan said...

Transcendental vibrations are flowing your way!!

olga said...

You know, if I were a guy, I wouldn't think even for a plit second. Randy is one lucky dude. So are you. Go fly on the wings of happiness:)

Randy said...

I know you wont need luck baby, but have fun kickin' ass this weekend!

Hey Olga... I know I am one lucky dude! And I don't plan on ever forgettin' it!

christine said...

Sending good vibes Catra...rock steady girl!

Herc Driver said...

Good luck!!! Very pleased to see you soooo happy!!! I'm very happy for you!!



Catra said...

Thanks to all of you for the vibes. I got and used them when I needed them. You guys rock.