Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The look of a determined bowler ....
See I don't just run all the time. Here I am at the Boardwalk bowl in Santa Cruz on Sunday. I forgot how fun bowling is.

Bowling is a good form of tapering for a hundred.

Today I was going to take it easy at crossfit and just modify the workout. Well i didn't. I hope come Saturday at 5am I will be feeling strong at the start of SD 100.

Randy you're the best ever for turning me on to crossfit.

Restore harmony.
Create peace in
all situations. Rather
than pushing the river.
Flow with it.

This is perfect for me right now.

Have a perfect day everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Catra
good luck for the next 100...
again One ..

Catra said...

Hey Ju-

Thanks so much! When's your next race?? Is it the one in Morroco???

Anonymous said...

yes my next race is Marrakech in Morroco
80K i love this race because she is very fast....
last year my ranking is 9 ...6 hours 55 minutes..

Catra said...

WOW! That's great. I've been to Marrakech what's the route. Is it in the desert???

RunningYam said...

Hi Catra,

I don't like tapering, either, but I'm not aware that bowling is a way of tapering :-) LOL

Wish you best in SD100! And other friends from my town Fremont. Hope I can join you all next year.


Catra said...

Hi Chihping-

Thanks my friend. What's next for you??? I think you should run the San Francisco 1 day!

Anonymous said...

No Catra,
the race isn't in the desert
the ground is of way type of SUV you know?

christine said...

goood luck this weekend Catra....bowling IS way cool!

Catra said...

Hey Christine-

Thanks, I will ;)

runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra!
Goodluck this weekend. I'm running the Nike Women's Marathon this coming Sunday with some of my friends.
Iwanted to start training for 100miler, any suggestions?
Thanks for all your encouragements to all of us!!
By the way you are glowing! I wonder why!!!:)


Ryan said...

Love yer outlook on life & admire your devotion to the sport of ultra running...I wish you great success this weekend at the SD100!!

Have a good one out there & Godspeed

Catra said...

Hey Ofie-

Good luck to you too at the Marathon.
Which 100???? April is Umstead 100 good first time one. I think it's perfect for you!.

Catra said...

Hey ryan-

Thanks so much. I will just go out and do what I do best run & have fun.

Ultra Okie said...

HI Catra,

Good luck this weekend with your 100M. I am off to Palo Duro Canyon over by Amarillo to run a 50M race in the canyon. I am going to take your advice and just stay positive and believe in myself to get it done.

Bowling rocks!!


Catra said...

Hey Steve-

Good for you! and also just stay in the moment and YOU WILL FINISH!!!