Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HAPPY HALLOWEEN costume #2 which one do you like best???
Each day,
everything that
comes to you as a gift.
At night, mentally give
it all back. In this way,
you become free.
No one can ever take
anything from you,
for nothing is yours.

WOW! this is all so true. You can only be free when you have freedom and you don't have things tying you down.
I believe that's a choice people make. The more freedom you want the less things you need to have.

I have freedom to come and go I have nothing tying me down. It's just how I choose to live.
I need to live in the moment right now.
I got a little ahead of myself the past month but now I'm back to where I need to be. Living each day as if it were my last. And loving myself. I am ready to love, but I sometimes forget most people don't love themselves so they can't love back.

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Ryan said...

Too-sha....hmm..I still like Super Girl! Have fun...hope you win the costume contest!
Happy Halloween

CTT said...

Go with this one for SEXY, and go with Supergirl as your secret identity (not that that one isn't sexy also). Hmmm how about Wonder Woman? Or better yet do they make a energizer bunny outfit??? lol

GuruParkash said...

french maid is sexy, Super Girl is your not so secret identity

Shari Baby said...

What about Randy ? When you are in a relationship you are tied down, right ? I like both costumes by the way....SuperGirl better though...

Tiny Seal said...

i like this one better than Super Girl. This one is very cute, the other one looks a little loud. Happy Halloween! And congratulations on SF One Day win! i miss PCTR runs with Sarah and Wendell..


Ted said...

French maid hands down. Happy Halloween!

Ultra Okie said...

Catra, You are super woman, but I have to go with the French Maid outfit. ooooh la la.

Herc Driver said...

Hey!!! CONGRATS on the win!!! Very proud of you!!!! :) Ya know..... I think I would go with the French Maid outfit..... :)

christine said...

I was going through your archives and wondering when you started running. It looks like you were already an ultra runner when you started this blog...I was curious about the early days ...pre-100 mile days...like...when did you start running....when did it turn into such a passion?
and oh, the french maid for sure...less is more you know!

Susan said...

You Rock, Catra!

Debbie said...

Got to be Superwoman. Both are great, but come on... which one shows the abs?!? That is your answer. It's 1 in the morning here and I'm getting my house ready for our day late Halloween party. H'ween is not celebrated here, so it's a first for the whole neighborhood.

Catra said...

I'm no longer tied down you're right, in a relationship you are.
Thanks! Super girl it is ;)

Catra said...

Hey Ryan thanks!!!

Catra said...

Hey Lance-
You're to funny :)

Catra said...

Thanks that's very sweet !

Catra said...

Hey Madhuri-

Thanks! I still can't believe I won :)

Catra said...

Hey Ted-

Thanks for your post.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-

Thanks ;)

Catra said...

Thanks..Hey did you dress little Ash up??

Catra said...

Hey Christine-
I started running in 1996 and did one 10k and went right into Marathons. Running was a passion from the minute I put on my running shoes. Started running Ultras in 1998 did 2 50k's 2 50 milers and a 100 mile race all within 3 months.
I haven't slowed down since.
Well for a minute when I was married...But that only lasted 1 year 8 months. You can't take the trail away from a trail runner for very long ;)

Catra said...

Hey Susan-

Thanks girl!

Catra said...

Hey Deb-

Thanks I hope you had an awesome Halloween!

Anonymous said...

very very CUTE beautiful woman....
i'm very excited to meet you

Catra said...

hi Ju-

Thanks!! I'm super excited to meet you too...We are going to have so much fun on our adventure. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

yeah i'm sure that will be nice !!!!!
i send you an email soon....

RunningYam said...

Catra, will you enter the costume contest in Javelina Jundred 100? :-)

You're phenomenal - once again in a weekly 100 Miler series!

Wish you best running and pacing in JJ100!


Catra said...

hi Chihping-
I think i might :)
i could always change out of my costume if it got to hot. Shoot i have so many tattoos now I don't think people would notice if I was running naked ;)