Wednesday, November 01, 2006

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE....the black parade
They are my new favorite band..sorry AFI. I still love you Davey.

Famous last words..
Now I know that I can't make you stay but where's your heart, but where's your heart
And I know there's nothing I can say
to change that part, to change that part
So many bright lights they cast a
shadow but can I speak is it hard
understanding I'm incomplete a life
that's so demanding I get so weak A
love that's so demanding I can't speak
I am not afraid to keep on living I am not
afraid to walk this world alone Honey if
you say I'll be forgiven Nothing you can
say can stop me going home
Can you see? My eyes are shining bright
Cause I'm out here on the other side Of a jet
black hotel mirror And I'm so weak Is it
hard understanding I'm incomplete A love
so demanding I get so weak
These bright lights have blinded me I said
I see you lying next to me With words I
thought I'd never speak Awake and unafraid

I guess I'm feeling just a little Black & White today... If you get a chance check out their CD..This my favorite song on the CD.
Have a beautiful day!

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Randy said...

Wow! Your abs just keep getting better! That should add a little color to your day... ;)

Have fun at the race this weekend! My thoughts and prayers are always with you too sweetness...

Catra said...

Ahh, it did. You are so amazing :)
I'm a little scared going into my next race. A bit sad :(
It was fun having you as my BF through the last few race's.
Now I go alone, well not all alone I know you will be thinking of me.
Better go tears are starting to form in my eyes.
You have fun to sweetie pie ;)

runrgrrl7 said...

Goodluck this weekend.+ vibes on their way!!
Remember, always follow your heart!
I'll be thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

Catra - I read your blog a lot. Don't know exactly what you're going through (can guess from your comment here, tho), but just wanted to send you good wishes. Oh, and to tell you I love MCR too (just ordered the new CD). Kick some ass at Javelina!


Ultra Okie said...

Hey Catra, I know you can get through this next race. I am sending way positive vibes from OK to you. Not exactly sure what is happening in your life, but want you to know I will be thinking about you too. People come into our lives for a reason, just as you have come into mine, and all the others that you inspire from your blog, your running accomplishments, and your life accomplishments.

Am looking forward to our little run down Route 66 in about 10 days. At least show me some mercy and run a couple of miles with me before you smoke me!!! :)


JeffO said...

Catra, thanks for turning me on to Randy's blog.
Glad you guys found each other again. You have to know you're better today than before because of it.
Eventually, everything ends up the way it was meant to be; the way it's supposed to be. This sounds like the Borg on StarTrek, but I mean it in a yoga sort of way: resistance is futile. We just flow. Trying to force, resist, or steer life seems to only postpone the inevitable. Only through healthy living and growing positive energy can we end up where we're meant to be.
Everything else is just a blurry, joyous, sad, confusing, and fun journey.
Good luck in McDowell Park.

Anonymous said...

This to shall pass. Every trial will make you stronger. TOdd

Catra said...

Hi Ofie-

Thank you girlfriend..What's next for you?? Tell scott hello.

Catra said...

Hey Jennyray-

Thanks for letting me beat you ;) you ran an amazing race. I think that's great you had your hubby and kids out there cheering you on.

It's all good. Sometimes it's good to slow down in a relationship and become friends so it's not all weird ;)

I guess I'll see you at Quad. right??
Thanks for the hugs, right back at you. BTW you have the most beautiful smile.

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
Everthing is fine.. i'm ok and looking forward to getting through the next couple weeks.
I'm happy I have friends like all my blog followers.
thanks for always having kind words and inspiring me.

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo-

thanks so much for all your kind words. i will have fun at javelina.

Catra said...

Thanks I needed that :)

Anonymous said...

You always were there when I had Vegan questions. I am planning on a month of Vegan eating. While quitting smoking and coffee. I will need your help than.,todd

CTT said...

Cool MCR is a good band. I got into them on the last CD, the new one is on my to "get" list. They are also featured in the Revolver mag along with AFI I previously mentioned to you! (It's the annual "goth" issue) Two reasons to pick it up!

Catra said...

Hey Todd-

I'm here to support you bro.. If you have any questions. Please feel free to ask.

Catra said...

Hey Lance-
Where can I get that magazine??? Would Barnes & Nobels have it???

Sounds like I need to get it!