Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don't you just love my outfit???????
Randy bought me the skirt & shirt when he was in L.A.
I must admit for a boy he sure has good taste.
The scarf I added it's from target. The purse is from my new favorite online store( and boots are vegan from

I can't wait to wear this out to a club!!!
Don't think I'll show up in Yosemite with it..LOL...

Zen card...Loyalty
become loyal to
your intermost
truth. Follow the
way when all others
abadon it.
Walk the path of
your own heart.
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Randy said...

Not bad for a boy huh? Even got all the sizes right! It's you & I knew it would be. What took you so long to post the picture? I gave 'em to you this morning! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's true Randy has a good taste!!!!!!!
congratulations because it's very hard to found a best clothing for a girl....;)

Anonymous said...

I owuld be happy tp pace you in that outfit Todd

My Picasso said...

Okay, lets go over a few things:

1. You ROCK that outfit!!!

2. Keep Randy around. A guy that had good taste & can pick the right size...KEEPER!

3. I am SO loving the purse!


P.S. Enjoy Yosemite(I'm so jealous)

Catra said...

Hey Randy-

LOL...I went running and had to get ready for work.
Damn I look pretty in pink ;)

Catra said...

Hey Ju-
He does have good taste!

Maybe Randy was a girl in his past life ;)

Catra said...

Your on Todd!!! I'll wear it to HURT 100 in Hawaii and you can pace me there!!

Catra said...

Hey Picasso-

1. Tahnks girl!
2.He's just a friend but I will keep him around because he is fun to be around, and has good taste.
3. I know I saw it and had to buy it. I don't swear all that much. It's to all those people that wisper and make mean comment when I walk by.
You can order it at
They have killer stuff.

Thanks we will.

christine said...

not too many people could pull that outfit off......even fewer 40 something year olds could....but hey you are Catra a class act all the look fab!!
Have fun in yosemite, though i'd take something a little warmer to wear!

Catra said...

Hey Christine-

Thanks so much!!! You know the older I get the better I look & feel. It's funny, I guess all this running and crossfit is paying off;)

JeffO said...

U look gr8!
But hate to be skeptic -
Randy had to have a consultant!!
If it'd been me, you'd probably end up in something that looks like burlap - but you'd make burlap look good.
Older and better. I had arthritis 25 years ago, and chronic injuries. Old age doesn't have to slow you down.

Whitney said...

wow Catra! I love that outfit! Looks good on you ;)

Much Love,

Catra said...

Hey Whitney-
Thanks sista ;)