Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Warm up
600 m row
25 over head streatch
sampson stretch
ham/quad./ calf stretch
neck roll stretch
25 GH sit ups
20 GH
20 GH back extentions
10 pull ups

"Side ways"(work out done side ways)
speed bump to speed bump.
20 side jump squats
8 side to side push ups
20 sit ups side ways
10 rope jump side to side
4 rounds.
For fun I climbed the rope and did an extra 100 sit ups.

ZEN CARD...Virtue
the sent of the
flower is carried by
the wind, only going where
the wind blows, but
your virtue
radiates in
all directions, touching

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors Picture....;)

Catra said...

ahh.. Thanks Ju :)

anon-embarrased said...

i am getting help for my misdirection. i want to thank you.

there are public elements to my career which force me to stay ultra (no pun intended)incognito but I employed the services of an outpatient therapist.

thank you for the "push"...

i am again training and managed to eek out a 16-miler today that almost killed me. under the recommendation of my therapist to start setting healthy goals for myself, i registered for my first 50-miler to be run in the middle of next year.

that's my figurative middle finger aimed directly at that nasty, dirty, do-things-you-wouldn't-do drug.

i'll be watching intently to see the karmatic relationship associated with your VICTORY at mother road. ...and passing the positive vibe all the way through that day ...and night.

o, and wouldn't you know - as i'm hudled on the floor in my local Barnes & Noble leafing through running books, i would come across book full of a bunch of personal ultra accounts - and guess who's story was in there regarding a deep and difficult loss?

...that was just plain weird. that, or you're a super star and I just didn't know it.

...again much respect.

runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,
Thanks a bunch for your advice re: my first 100. I checked the Miwok 100k. I am very interested of doing it. Only, do you think i can do it this coming year??2007. I have 20 marathons, 5-50k,3-50miler,and one 24 hours under my belt. I can train 5 miles a day 5x a week and a long distance run of 15-20 miles on Sat. or Sun. With my job as a fitness intructor, i have 15 hours of fitness classes.( Kickboxing, weight conditioning, running the bleachers) and lifting weights for my self 2x a week. I have the endurance, and has always been energetic. If you can guide me and tell me the best training i'll really appreciate it.
Oh! what's the best vegetarian book? recipies?
Okey, gotta run again. Thank you for your time and good luck this weekend.

+ vibes your way!!!

Ultra Okie said...

hey catra, only a couple of days until the mother road. I guess i am as ready as i am going to get. looks like the weather will be decent.


Catra said...

Hey Anon-embarrased-

Yeah, I'm so happy you're getting help!! And good for you to set up a goal and train & run a 50 miler next year :)
I'm glad you got out and ran 16 miles doesn't it make you feel good???

Nope not weird, well maybe since you came to me and there I am for no reason in Running through the wall :) It is for a reason. Now you need to get a copy of the DVD Running Madness I'm in and you will hear my drug story...

Yes, I'm famous, little did you know ;)
Hang in there..I'm going to run my little ass off at Mother Road for you this weekend...So send me all your vibes.

Debbie said...

Hey Catra,
nice to catch up on your entries. I had a great run on the island of Terschelling. I have a question, if you don't mind. We had a couple of kilometers on the beach... about half of which was on loose sand. Afterwards, I developed cramps in both calves. I had to stop and stretch and run slowly for a few k's after that... sorta a bummer as I felt great in every other way. I have had calf cramps once before at about 13 miles. I'd like to avoid these. I read up about them at Runners World, but was wondering if you had any wisdom/advice on the issue. Thanks, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hi Catra! I will be sending you many good wishes, good vibes and plentiful prayers this weekend! You can do it! It seems like you might have been through a dip in the road here lately but you will come out in fine style sister! Don't give up (it's simply not allowed! :-)

Catra said...

Hey Ofie-
I will get back to you next wek on your Questions.
You will be able to be fune running Mi-Wok 100k next year.
I know you are a fitness trainer so you do get a good work out during the week :)

Catra said...

Hey Steve-
I'm glad the weather will be good see ya tomorrow.

Catra said...

Hey Deb-

I think running in the sand can do that. I remember in Morocco at Marathon des Sables my calfs hurt the first couple days. I just massaged them with Arnica. Buy some arnica at the health food store. I apply it before and during my races. If I need to.

Catra said...

Hey Ariel-

Yes just a small speed bump ;)
It's all good! I will go out and have fun. And thanks in advance for the prayers and vibes.