Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Favorite RD Jimmy Wrublik!
Jimmy did an awesome job as RD for Javelina 100. He's 17 but you would never know it. He was very organized and helpful. Every time he saw me he asked if I needed anything and to let him know if I did.
So I got lost, but it was my fault fo not paying attention. Too many people blame stuff like that on the RD's when in reality most of the time the runner is tired and not paying attention.
Jimmy you rock. He is also a talented runner and I know in 2007 he will kick ass at HURT 7 and will finish. Looking forward to running some miles at HURT with Jimmy where I plan on running a HURT PR on the course.

Hey Jimmy, how about next year giving an award for the person with the most tattoos.
That way I could win a cool award..LOL..;) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

I think they should have gave the both of you girls an award for the "Ultimate Dirt Diva's". The both of you made the scenery that much better.

Boyz will be boyz!


Feminist Runner said...

Hey, I can't remember if I congratulated you! So congratulations!

Next year we can have a contest for cool award ideas, and then make sure you win one!

Catra said...

Hey Justin-
Thanks!!! I think so too ;)
I'm glad you had some eye candy to look at..Wish I could of hung out with you after :(
You did great!!! I'm glad you hung in there. I'm sure it was a humbling experiance for you since you are so fast!
Super C

Catra said...

Hey Renee-
You did!!!
That would be cool;)

runrgrrl7 said...

Congratulations again!!! wow! Reading your blog makes me feel energetic! Okey, Catra give me some advice i am thinking of doing 100 miles, but don't know where to start. It's not like right away. Maybe 1-2 years from now. I'd like to try to be a vegetarian(i love veggies and fruits. I am 80% vegetarian if that makes sense. Can i order supplements from Whole Food and let them mail it to me?


Gregg Lynn said...

Catra--you are the grooviest ultra-running chick! The fact that you can turn out so many 100 milers amazes me. I finished my first 50 10 days ago and I'm still having trouble recovering. I hope to someday see the level of fitness you enjoy.

Thanks for being such a huge inspiration!


Catra said...

Hi Ofie-
Thanks for the post..You're so sweet.
If you wanna run a hundred you need to back to back long runs leading up to the hundred and I suggest many 80 mile weeks so you can finish feeling good.
Whole foods doesn't mail order.
That's awesome you're going vegetarian. Much better for you anyway.
I suggest you try and keep it up running a few 50k and 50m a year. Sign up for Mi-Wok 100k next year. That would be a good start.

Catra said...

Hey Greg lynn-
Congrats. on your 50m race.

Your welcome. My job is to inspire many runners and people as possible in my life time :)

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