Friday, November 24, 2006

Me on Thanksgiving heading up to Half Dome. I was the only one on the trail. I saw one person heading for an overnight trip to Sunrise. I finally saw people on my way back near Nevada falls four miles from the Valley floor.
I can say I was the only person on Half Dome 11-23-06. I will always remember that. It is the first time in my 4 years of running that trail that I didn't at least see three people heading up to Half Dome.
I hope you were all thankful for at least a few things. I know I was! Thankful that I am alive and healthy. Posted by Picasa


scott said...

Sounds like a nice trip & time to reflect. I enjoy your post & always positive vibes.
Hope you had a great Quad and felt many a good vibes on all the wonderful steps. Did you have a chance to par-take in any Punjabi burritos???

positive vibes,

Catra said...

Hi Scott-

Thanks for the post!

I had a blast at Quad.!
What the heck is a Punjabi burrito???


scott said...!

Sorry for any ubscure ref. on the Punjabi Burrito. It is or was, (not sure if it is still there) a really cool indian take-out place in Mill Valley that had great veg-friendly indian burritos.

Many thanks again for taking the time each day to keep the positive energies in your post so that others can enjoy and pass along too.

positive vibes,