Monday, November 06, 2006


Find the courage
to hold on to your
beliefs, even if the world
around you chooses to
believe differently.
Have the courage
to change those beliefs
that no longer fit the
person you have
become. In doing so, you
truly become yourself.

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Dirk_Star said...

Very groovy site! Keep on running...

Catra said...

hey dirk star thanks for the comment and stopping by.

Ryan said...

Congrats on another successful 100 & I wish you all the best this weekend! Keep on going and going and going and going!

Catra said...

hey ryan-

Thanks so much I will!

christine said...

Congratulations on another fine race! You ARE the "every ready bunny"

Shari Baby said...

Hey - I have that necklace too. Congrats on your race....

Catra said...

Hey Shari-
Thanks! I had a blast! This week I will be out of my eliment. It's a 100 mile race on the road in Oklahoma. it's called Mother road it's a 1 time event. They even give us a piece of the road. it follows route 66.

I love Classic hardwear too!!! We sell there stuff at Whole foods. I just bought this piece and the other in the picture a few weeks ago on the internet.
A girls gotta give herself presents ;)

Anonymous said...

hi, i've been following your blog for a couple months now -- i'm a (less accomplished) ultra runner and find you very inspirational. this is my favorite zen card so far.

Catra said...

hey anonymous-

I really, really love this one too!

I feel like it was really talking to me!
I'm glad you had a connection with it as well.
Have an awesome night!
Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog & posting.

Catra said...

hey christine-
Thanks for the comment very sweet :)

Shari Baby said...

Just remember road racing can be faster than trail racing...granted, a little more boring than jumping over things and navigating through the forest - but quicker non the less. I'm sure you'll do great. The only thing is road racing takes a toll on your body much quicker - harder on the joints. Start taking glucosamine with MSN and chondroitin and you'll be groovy. Oh the necklace - since WHEN can you get them at Whole Foods ??? *puts hands on hips* I have tried to buy stuff online and couldn't - hmm...I'm gunna try again. Did you get them from their site ? Or e-bay ?

Catra said...

Hey Shari-
Trust me I know road racing can be fast. I just won (first place girl) at the San Francisco 24 hour run around Chrissy field less than two weeks ago. Logged 103 miles. That's one week after running a hard trail 100.
I've been running for along time and started as a marathoner. I think I've run 35 or 45 marathons lost track. Those were painful ;)
Thanks I do take vegetarian glucosamine & MSM have for many years. Along with two of my favorite recovery suppliments L-Glutamine and D-ribose powder. These are great for recovery. I work in nutrition so I know all about suppliments..Lucky me I get a great deal working at WF.

We started carrying CH last year for the Holidays in my department Whole Body. Never really sold well WF is not one of those place's people come to buy stuff like that.
I have the invoice and i ordered it on the web it came from Classic Hardware in L.A. I was ordering a bunch of stuff might of ordered through another site but since it's CH it was shipped from them.
Have a beautiful day!!!