Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Running Strong.....
I had a good work out at crossfit this morning. I was planning on running 10-15 miles. I decided to just run a really fast 7 miles. It took me 56 min. Which is 8 min. miles. Pretty fast for just finishing a fast hundred miler 3 days ago.

I felt strong. I'm really not sore. I'm so amazed at how fast I can recover from running 100 miles.
Heading to Yosemite tomorrow for some alttitude training. I love running in Yosemite. I'm taking Randy he's never been. I know he will love it.
I will take him on some of my favorite trails. We are planning on going up Half Dome.
Well ,only if it's not wet or icy.
I hope to also do the 4 mile trail/Panorama and Snow creek trail and finish down the falls trail.
Hopefully we will get some climbing in to. Posted by Picasa


Randy said...

LOL! I have to say visualizing you setting up & taking this picture mad me crack up! You get the greatest shots!

Looking forward to this weekend. The wilderness YES! The cold.... not so much. ;)


Catra said...

It was funny but hey I got it in 1 shot! It was a winner :)

It will only be cold at night but we will have warm clothes & sleeping bags. We could also cuddle. Friends can cuddle, right?

Woo Hoo, Yosemite here we come!

Zach said...

I can't beleive thats a self portrait. Thats effin' hilarious. Hey Randy, with a good sleeping bag you'll be sweatin', but thats still no reason not to cuddle. Have fun guys!

Catra said...

Hey Zach-
Well who the hell else runs with me that can take pictures??? ;) No one! they can't keep up with me. Zach, almost every shot of me on my blog are self portraits.

Whitney said...

WOW...well you've got many talents. I was about to ask if you took those yourself or if you took someone running with you, and then I came across the comments. Cool :)

Much Love,

Catra said...

Hey whitney-
much love back at you girl!