Thursday, November 16, 2006

ZEN CARD......
To love people
who love you is easy.
Choose to be everyone's
friend, whether they
like you or not. When you
love and accept
others as they are. You
will have friends

I love this card. It's so true. I have friends everywhere. Friends are great. I'm going with my friend Randy to Yosemite today and we're going to have so much fun!
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christine said...

where can i find these Zen cards?

Ultra Okie said...

Great Zen card today Catra. Have a fun weekend. Oh yeah, Sarah and I just registered for Rocky Raccoon, Sarah is going to tackle her first 50M and I am going to go for my second 100M.

rock on...

olga said...

Thank you, Catra! You guys enjoy those trails for those of us who can't make it, ok?
Love, Olga

Herc Driver said...

Hope you have a great time!! I've never been to Yosemite..... Maybe I'll be able to take Ash there some day....... :)



squirrel_nutz said...

Hello Catra-

A gear question...

In your lovely stride photo a couple entries back, can you please tell me who makes (brand) the grey handheld water bottle holder?

I also noticed it in some photos of you from the SF 24hr online. I am wondering if there are options other than Ultimate Direction.

Thanks, see ya around.

Debbie said...

Hey Miss C,
that is really awesome about the 28 miler for my friend. That is just so great... Her name is Victoria. Her recovery website is and her website is - if you want to know a little bit about her. Oh my God, could you be any more rad? Thank you! -Deb

Emily said...

I love today's Zen card, Catra. It reminds me of Jesus' riff about loving your enemies ... which also includes the line, "And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain" ... which seems rather apropos, given your habit of running to inspire those who need it. :)

Of course, I've gotten myself in trouble with some conservative Christians by describing the Sermon on the Mount as "about a half-step removed from Zen" ... but I think the similarity is just proof positive that deep down, there are really only two kinds of people: Those who are striving to make forward progress, and those who are still parked on the couch with a box of Ho-Hos and the remote control because they haven't figured it out yet.

Keep the inspiration coming, girl. You never know whose life you'll touch. :)