Friday, October 13, 2006

Life is a test. Today I went to snooze my alarm on my cell phone and I guess it turned off. I missed crossfit class :( I had to pull the chip out of the phone, seems to be working ok.
I forgot the painters were coming to finish painting the house and they need to paint my room today. I have like 5,ooo things going on. I ask if they could wait until 1pm they agreed, thank god.
I have like a million pictures on my wall I had to take down and move stuff around. Had to also move stuff around the bathroom so they can paint it to.
I know if I just let stuff go and give it to God it will work out.
I moved everything then went out for my run and I did the crossfit work out. Randy told me what it was so I knew what to do.
He has it posted on his blog
Just in case anyone whats to do the work outs he will post them Mon.,Wed.,& Fri.

The work out kicked my butt.
Today should get better, going to get my tattoos finished and I get to see Randy tonight :) Oh and I get a massage woo hoo.

This picture is of me near the Merced river when I was heading out of the Valley yesterday I took it. I always look so much happier after a good long run.
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Anonymous said...

WOW.....sorry for the crossfit!!!!!
this is another beautiful place, it seems has a movie decoration... i like the tree...
Randy has a great blog ,really cool...

Catra said...

Hey Ju-

Glad you like the picture. Yes it looks like the set of a movie because I'm a star and I'm in the picture. right?

You should try the crossfit workouts. It will help you on the PCT :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah ,
Right you are big
i don't know the crossfit, what is really it ,i want try this sport when i come...because i love all the sports !!!!

Ultra Okie said...

You do look happy Catra! Glad you were able to work your crossfit in. Maybe I should try the cross fit too. Do you do any yoga?

Have a fantastic weekend.


Catra said...

Hi Steve-

No time for Yoga. I prefer more fast paced that's why I love crossfit.


Catra said...

it's a work out routine.
go to
to learn more.

Feminist Runner said...

Jullian's right, that doesn't look real! Wow, I need to move to the West Coast. We just don't have scenery like that here.
(well, we do, it's just not visible from my apartment)
Have a great weekend!

Catra said...

Hey Renee-
It's really pretty in Yosemite Valley. If you're ever in Cali. you have a place to stay.
You have a great weekend too.

JeffO said...

Great pix, Catra!
Thanks for Randy's blog. You 2 inspire.
Won't be renewing my gym membership at end of year. I think Crossfit would be better. Nearly impossible to get me inside, and travel too much!

cheri said...

Hi Catra,

I've been reading your blog for some time now. You are amazing. I love your positive attitude towards everything. I could learn from you.
I tried to see Randy's blog for the crossfit workouts but keep getting an error. Any suggestions?
Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Catra said...

Hey Jeffo Thanks ;)
I have a gym memebership to 24 hour fitness. I haven't gone in a while. I still will keep it. Only to use the steam room and sauna for heat training.

crossfit rocks I love it!!!!

Thanks for the post.

Catra said...

Hey Cheri-

Thanks so much for the post. I think in life we have many teachers we can all learn from each other.
I try to always see the positive in life. Sometimes it's a challenge but. I feel better if I think positive, and don't let the energy vampires suck my positive energy.
Not sure why you can't see his blog. I just clicked the link on my front page and it worked fine.
Have a beautiful day,

Randy said...

Hey Cheri,

My blog is no "@" sign...

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy,

Thanks so much.

You have a wonderful day.