Sunday, October 08, 2006

Furnace Creek 508 mile bike race.
Me and my friend Linda at the start of the 508 mile bike race. Linda went into this race injured and under trained. She took a bad fall at mile 60 but continued on until the 110 mile mark. She was pretty messed up. We took her to emergancy in Ridgecrest where she ended up getting 5 stitches, in her right arm. The most important thing is she attempted it.
She will be back next year trained & ready to kick butt and I will be there to crew her.

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Debbie said...

Hi Catra and all your great visitors like Feminist Runner and such, 2 things... was talking to my friend Sandee who tells me she's friends with Justin, who you know?... So it seems like we are indeed living in a small world, huh? Other thing, is amongst the ways you have inspired me, I have now started a blog about being an immagrant runner in Holland. If you are interested I'm at
Thanks for all you are and do,

Brad said...

Getting out there and trying is the first step! If you never try, you'll never know if you can do it!

And guess what???? I finished my first 50 miler Saturday @ Firetrails!!! I've been sick all week but thought well, I can always drop if I have to!

And I qualified for Western States!!! WoOOoo HoOOOoo!!!

olga said...

Glad Linda is OK, sorry she had this misfortune.
Loved your excercise picture!

Catra said...

Hi Debbie-
Yes, I know Justin. He comes to me for advice about running ultras. He has tried to get inside my head and figure out why I can do what I do without getting hurt. To tell you the truth I don't really know.
I'm glad I've inspired you to get a blog going. it's fun to have somewhere to write so the whole world can see what you're up to.

Catra said...

Hey Brad-

I'm so proud of you awesome job at Fire trails 50 miler. So did you fill out the app. alread for WST 100??? I hope you get in. I'm not going to enter the lottery this year. I will be out on the Pacific Crest trail next year. I will be going from Mexico to Canada 2'700 miles. it should be fun!

Catra said...

Hey Olga girl-Thanks:)

I hope you're doing better how's the injury????