Friday, August 01, 2008

Today I felt like I was going to die!!Well ,not really, but I had the worst cramps from my period. I thought maybe if I go for a run I will feel better. Yeah, right!
I headed out, felt fine running up hill. As soon as I was heading down I was having the worse cramps ever. I had to lie down on a bench. I felt so sick I wanted to throw up. To top it off I was having major intestinal issues. I think it might have been from something I ate yesterday night.
Just not a good day for a run., I don't think I have ever been in so much pain during a run.
I laid on the bench for 10 min. I heard the East bay parks search and rescue helicopter flying over head. I thought for a moment good, I could use a rescue right about now. I jumped up and thought I just need to get home so I can lay down.
I shuffled down off the peak got into my vehicle and headed home.
I got home took some advil and took a nap. Woke up half hour later feeling much better.
It was just one of those days. I'm fine now.
I will be working at the SF marathon Friday & Saturday at the atalanta skirt booth. Sunday I will be working the Skyline 50k. Make sure if you're around to stop by and say hi.
Have a great weekend.

Try not to force the situation or force a resolution. If you would just wait a moment more you will be shown, or find, exactly what you are looking for. Try to use more inner guidance, in other words, your intuition or gut-feelings. You should now be evolved enough to know that you don’t always have to have all the answers or know the future in advance in order to attain success and avoid failure. Trust in yourself and the universe and everything will turn out as it is supposed to.
© Stephen Haynes


Unknown said...

Sorry you had a bad run. Hate when that happens. Been there and done that.
The next run will be much better for sure.

Steve Ansell said...

Yep, no matter how much we run or how fit we are, sometimes our bodies just say "no" and we have to listen. I'll see you at Skyline on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

CoyoteGirl said...

Crappola! I hate it when a run that should be good otherwise heads south.

Hope you feel better today at the booth. My hubby saw you and wanted to come over and say hi on Friday but he said that you were pretty busy with customers and he didn't want to bug. Today (Saturday) maybe he'll have a chance! MetroSport has the Polar, Superfeet, Adidas, Gu, and one other booth that I can't remember right now.

Anyhow, I hope you're having a great day!!!

leslie said...

It was SO GREAT meeting you at the SF Marathon Expo! Also, I hadn't checked out your blog in a while, but this time it jumped out at me that you are 13 years sober. Girl, I just celebrated 23 years last month!

Ok, so I'm seriously considering going over to the dark side now that we talked. Thanks for the encouragement. And again, it was wonderful to meet you in person!

EnergeticRick!!! said...

i can't even imagine the pain, i'm sure girl cramps are 10 times worse than standard stomach cramps. it's cool that you kept running.