Sunday, June 29, 2008

The no WST 100 43 mile fun run.............. It was a sad time for many ultrarunners this past weekend including my good friends Mikey, Joe & Mylinh. They were all entered to run the race. Myself and my friend Julia were going to pace Mylinh and Joe. I decided we should run 62 miles for fun on the Ohlone.
Jo Lynn decided to run with us too. She is training for her first ultramarathon. Her husband Keith would meet her into Sunol to do a little loop with her so she could get 15 miles in.

Our plan was to run to Del Valle and back. We made it to Sunol and realized maybe we should do 40-50 miles. We headed out to do the Mguries Peak loop and we all quickly became dehydrated. It was warm but we had a nice breeze. I knew we wouldn't have water for 10 miles so I wasn't drinking much. Mylinh ran out so did Joe so I gave Mylinh 20 oz from my pack not knowing I was basically out.
Julia & Mylinh took off than Mike & Joe. I stopped to fix my shoe. Caught up to Mike who gave me some water. We had 4 more miles until next water.
We made it out to back packers camp and sat down to eat what little food we had we all put what we had in a pile to share. I brought plenty of gels so did Mike but non of us really brought a lot of food. Our plan was; we could get to Del Valle and eat at the camp store, but we changed those plans early on.
Our plan now was to rest, regroup and get to Sunol where everyone would drink cold cokes, from the machine there. Except of course me.
When we made it there I went to the rangers office and drank lots of ice cold water.
We hung out at the stables and talked with the man who runs the horse rides out of Sunol. We have seen each other for a few years but never talked.
I will now make a point to say hi to him when I see him. real nice man.
We all regrouped for our finally push back to Mission peak and to the finish. We all were hungry and planned to eat Mexican food.
We ended up running 43 miles in 12 hours and had a challenging but fun day.
I'm always happy to just spend time running with wonderful friends.
Hope your weekend was fun.


Pinkcorker (Renee) said...

Hey, it's Jo Lynn! I was wondering what happened to her. Good for her that she is doing an ultra. Wish her the best for me!
It is great that you all made lemonade out of the cancellation of the race.
Ultra runners have the best attitude.

Alan said...

Looks like you all made the best out of a disappointing weekend. Also looks like you all truly had a great time. Hope to see you out on the trails soon.

Jessica DeLine said...

that looks it was a fun alternate WS run!

CoyoteGirl said...

Looks like it was a great time! And it wasn't as smoky this weekend as it was before.