Monday, June 02, 2008

Andy finally took me out to Bailey canyon. I have been wanting to explore this area for quite some time. I was happy to learn about the little loop that connects out to Mt. Wilson trail. I love learning and exploring new trails.
The part I wasn't happy about was the over grown connector trail ,and all the stickers that got in our socks. The part I was happiest about was spending time with Andy, and seeing our always happy & smiling friend Carmella out training. Oh, and running all the way back into town, and having a yummy smoothie at new coffee shop we discovered.
The fire stopped just on a ridge before Jones peak so this area had no fire damage.
It's a very steep climb up lot's of switch backs. I asked Andy and he didn't know how many switch backs. So Thursday I will go count them ;)
Here we are on Jones peak looking super cute.
Carmella and me just below the peak. Andy and I decided to sit on the peak so we could look for Carmella since we knew she was out there because her car was in the parking lot. We found her and ran down to her.
That's Jones peak behind us.

How easily are you irritated by the needs of others? Give away some of your time today, but not in a therapeutic sense. Attending to the needy also includes surprise acts of kindness.

check out Andy's blog for his take on pacing me on the Ohlone 100 miler


Olga said...

I might need to learn a long distance relationship, it seems to be working for you guys. OK, may be it's not for a comment to view:)
Less than 3 weeks, Catra!

Anonymous said...

This might seem like a random question, but I am serious. What bras have you found that work best for running?? I seem to not be able to find anything for a C cup that is comfy and supportive and that doesn't cut off my lung capacity ;) once I get to the longer mileage runs.

Tom said...

You and Andy make a cute pair, and to have the one you love be a runner, BONUS

Willie said...

Wow that looks wonderful.

Loved the giving comment. I have always thought that you judge the morality of a nation by looking at how they care for their lowest and neediest.

Keep up the great posts. You are an encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl... glad to see you and Andy are doing well... such a cool couple. San Diego 100???... you'll be in my neighborhood. I've been doing paddles on my Eaton... trying to get my 58 year-old body in shape. I hope your using your sunscreen... Ombrelle... Sunscreen Steve...

Catra said...

Hey Deb-
I wear two bras actually. I wear a underwire by moving comfort and another moving comfort over it. It's really the only thing that feels comfy. Keeps them in place so they don't move ;)

Catra said...

Hi Tom-
Yes it's nice to be with a runner.

Catra said...

Hey Willie Thanks for the post glad you enjoy my blog.

Catra said...

Hey stevo-
Yep still using my sunscreen you turned me onto.
I finally running low gotta order more.