Saturday, June 14, 2008

LIVE LIFE LOVE LIFE.........................
New beginnings or the possibilities of a new start are soon to be presented. Use your inner magician to pull together all the components of what soon will be in the offing, as you should now be able to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires. Remember you are only at the beginning, the first stages of development, so the more you are able to accept the more will be given to you.

© Stephen Haynes

I swear my ass would be dragging on the ground if I didn't do crossfit and run trails everyday. At my age it's a battle to keep it tight and lifted ;) Girls you know what I'm talking about.
For upper body and balance hand stand pushups rock! I can go half way down. I'm up to 5. By the end of summer I want to have enough balance to hold myself up without using the wall.
Todays WOD:::::
Run 3 miles

3 rounds for time of:
50 squats
50 abmat sit-ups
50 push-ups
50 box jumps

3 mile run with Rocky


Judi said...

Yea girl, It is hard to keep that ass lifted. LOL. You look beautiful!

*Ultra*Rockstar* said...

Crossfit gave me an ass!!!! hahahaha
I am going to do this WOD today :)

We got a pull up bar now in our garage CF "gym"

Still working on those HSPU too, hard stuff!!!

Catra said...

ahhh...Thanks Judi!!! Did you see I bet Bill ;) Girls rule!!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

this first pic will be my wallpaper for now on... (sorry the bad english) love you and your blog

cherrs from Brasil.

Anonymous said...

I think you should post your runs and workouts on utube, you are an awsome woman. Keep it up (no pun intended) Deon

Anonymous said...

post you runs and workouts on utube.

Anonymous said...

you should post you workouts and runs on utube.

Snakebite said...

Nice rearward facing body part.

Darcy 'D2' said...

From the looks of it Crossfit and running are doing a fine job lol

I've been working on Handstand Pushups myself. I managed 3 a couple weeks ago on some insane WOD whose name I don't remember but in the video it kicked Eva T's ass so it was nasty.

Creative Mama said...

Don't bag on yourself too much... you have such a nice bootie... I can only wish for one like yours... :)