Sunday, June 15, 2008

Do not put yourself in a situation that will compromise you or your values. It is frankly better to do without than accept compromise. Examine what it is that you want - perhaps what you want is not necessarily what you need. This is a time for improvement and betterment but you must clear away the old to make room for the new. Where there is a will there is a way, learn to operate in new ways and develop your strength of will.
© Stephen Haynes

Mike and I went for a run today on Mission peak we did around 9 miles. We took our time and had fun. He is tapering for WST 100 and me Bighorn 100.
Mike is one of my mentors I meet him in 2000 when I was training for my first WST 100. He is the man when it comes to WST or AC 100 he has run them both at least 10 times. We have wacky fun when we run together it's always an adventure.
This is the native American grinding stone rock. The Ohlone woman sat here some 100s of years ago to grind nuts and seeds. I always like to make a trip to this rock to feel the energy, from these amazing people who once lived in the area. It helps me get focused for my upcoming races.
Mike and I on the top of Mission peak. Today was my Fathers day run, I ran today in Memory of John Corbett my dad and Ronnie Kumeda Andy's day.
Mt Diablo is in the background, it really was a beautiful day.
Not many hikers or runners know about this cross. I once stumbled upon it some years ago chasing my father goat. He was a quick goat but I loved to chase him along the face of the peak we sorta had a game. He watched over me all these years running Mission Peak. He finally passed on a couple years ago. It was all of a sudden, I looked for him all winter and into spring but didn't see him. I knew in my heart his time had come. I was later told by Ranger Neil he was dead at the bottom of the creek. it was old age I believe.
Back to the story of the cross, I thought where did it come from? I asked a regular, Doug if he knew about it? He knows everything out on these trails. It was put there by a hang gliders family. He and his son crashed there. He died but his son lived, I believe it happened in the 90's.
I decided to see if it was still there today, sure enough.
The top of Mission peak to the left me just doing a little rock climbing in an area most people don't explore. It's fun to get off the beaten path you never know what you might find. Just thought I'd share a little of my findings.


Leslie said...

Hi Catra! Good to see you out there doing that thing you do! This time of year, I just want to spend every moment outside. It is all consuming! How fortunate are we to get out there and play as frequently as we do?? Wishing you a summer full of many adventures!

muyres said...

HI Dirt Diva!! You seem like a fun loving tattoo driven exotic lady with ambitions galore. Keep hope Alive!! Maybe we will "bump" into each other sometime. Are u ever in MN?

Judi said...

Your 3rd 100m in like what, 6 weeks? Amazing. I always think of you when I need to harden the fuck up.