Monday, June 09, 2008

We did it!!! Yep, Andy and I stuck together the whole way. We ran San Diego 100 in 29:34.
I will write a report tonight, I just got in from SoCal and am heading to work. Here are a few images.
Andy and I heading to San Diego to run SD 1oo
A few minutes after our finish . Andy ran his 5th SD 100 and I ran my 4th.
Andy got a really cool jacket for being a 5 time finisher. He has run it 5 years in a row. I get the cool jacket next year.
Me and the Ohio boys Bill Losey and Bob Combs. We all finished strong.
Andy heading to work today and me heading home.
I will write a full report about the race tomorrow.


Mark Reifkind said...

unblievable. you are incredible. thanks for the updates and photos. I cannot believe your ability to do these miles and recover so well. you have obviously found your niche. well done.

Olga said...

Sweet, guys! Saw the results, congrats! See you in a bit for another round:)

Matthew Ruscigno said...

Congrats! Now that I know you are in So Cal regularly I will look for you when I mountain bike in the San Gabriels.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Good Job C and A....nice pictures.....
check out my new blog...


Larry L said...

Absolutely awesome! Congratulations to you & Andy.

Catra said...

Hey Mark-
Thanks for the post..

Catra said...

Hey Ju-
Good to see you're training hard.
I was thinking about our short time we spent together, as my race ran along part of the trail section of the PCT we hiked.
I hope to one day hang out with you again ,the few weeks we spent together were so fun.

Catra said...

Hi Matt-
That would be great to see you along those trails.
I hope to be living in Sierra Madre by October.

Catra said...

Hey Larry-
Thanks so much.