Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Andy, me and Steve at the start of Bighorn 100. It was the most beautiful 100 mile course I have run so far. I will post my report later this week. It was an awesome run.
The beautiful Bighorn mountains.

Things are not always what they appear, so examine everything carefully. What looks very positive could be negative and what looks negative could in fact be positive. The universe is a strange place and so things don’t always have to go according to your plan to actually be beneficial. This is a time to rely upon the Self, so examine and let go of support systems that no longer serve you.


Olga said...

Het, Chica, it was great to see you again! Shoot me pictures when unpack and have time!

Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra. you are so lucky to get to run in such awesome places. looks like i will get 100 miles of pavement on route 66 to look at!! rock on....

Bob - BlogMYruns.com said...

Congrats Catra...pics look great!

Anonymous said...

looking good, but then of course you do. upsidedown pushups. hmmmmm.
question: what shoe or shoes are you running in these days? i know you ran through some hard rocks in years past. what about now?

thanks so much. just have a peculiar thirst for these factuals.

also, nice running.

from yonder nystate

mindful mule said...

Hiya, thought you might be interested in this LA Times article about Billy Goat on the PCT.

Catra said...

hey anon-
Thanks for the post.
I wore Montrail Hardrocks on this course. During my Ohlone 100 I wore Mizuno wave ascent trail which I love. I also like the brooks cascadia 3 which I might run TRT 100 in.
I have always loved the Hardrocks but since I changed my running style they feel so heavy. The problem with the mizuno is they last maybe 200 miles and I feel like they break down fast. The Hardrocks I know are good for at least 300 miles.

Catra said...

Thanks for the link. Billy goat is one badass old guy. I met him just past Lassen area at a trail angels house last year. He is very well known on the trail.
He's amazing.

Anonymous said...

can you devote a moment to how you changed your running style? that's interesting. i mean, cool interesting? crossfit?

nystate near harriman st park