Monday, August 17, 2009

The Time is Now

The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now. Eleanor Roosevelt
This past weekend Jerry and I did a trip to Tuolumne. We were going to go to Whitney but didn't have a permit so changed our plans. We will do White Mountain Peak and Whitney at the end of September. I really wanted to climb something high so I picked Mt. Dana the trail is close to the road and is 6 miles round trip.

We didn't start until after 4:30pm. It was a lot harder then we thought it was going to be.
There were
cairns marking a few different routes. We went off route a few times. It was very cold and windy and we didn't bring flashlights. We got to the top took a picture signed the log book with frozen hands and started to head down. We were doing fine until we lost the trail, we could see where we needed to go from up high and just scrambled around in the talus field. I new once the sun went over the mountain it would not be fun. My goal get down to the main trail before dark and once there it would be fine. We finally made it down with out getting hurt. The sun was setting and we just moved as fast as we could. It did get dark but we almost all the way down so we were fine. Just a note to myself keep my extra headlamp in my pack at all times ;-)
Saturday we met Julia and did a run out to waterwheel falls but the trail was closed due to the fire they are letting burn. So we just turned at the PCT turn off and came back. We ended up climbing up Puppy dome with my friend Stan who was in Tuolumne. I haven't seen him in like 5 years, it was great to reconnect with him.

wisdom card of the day:
Now is a time of commitment. Decide upon your direction or goal and begin the journey towards it. Take time to recognize the patterns that have sabotaged you in the past and eliminate them from your future. Change must take place in the inner you before change can take place in the real world. Let balance be your watchword and if you need help then it will appear.
© Stephen Haynes


Ed Meers said...

...this post inspired me...

I ran a 32K leg of the Canadian Death Race back in 2002, and trained a friend to do the whole 125K. You are so right about the psychology of completing such things. I guess I always struggle at finding what to take on next. Old age and shoddy knees don't help either!

Anyway, happy trails and best wishes!

rv said...

Hi Catra,

I was on Whitney Saturday (found Thursday that some people dropped out in the last minute - they had 5 available permits, didn't know that you don't have a permit) and ran Mt. Dana on Sunday on the way back home.

Hope you get a permit in September (it was pretty cold I would think that Sep. would be freezing up there)

All the best,

rv said...

Hi Catra,

I didn't know you did not have a permit, I could have helped...
I was on Whitney Saturday (found about 5 available permits from a friend Wednesday and I could not pass); did Mt. Dana Sunday on the way back.

All the best,