Wednesday, December 08, 2010

"Impossibilities are merely things which we have not yet learned."
Charles W. Chesnutt

Andy and I had an awesome run at Ridgecrest 50k Sunday, finished in 5:57. It was my 4th fastest 50k time ;-) We had a blast!!! Andy is seeing a Doctor for a heart issue he is having but it's not effecting his running.
The weather was perfect the rain held off and it was even a little warm at times.
I wore a brand new pair of shoes out of the box the Hoka one one. I knew it might not be a smart move but I did it anyways. And let me tell you I love the Hokas they are amazing so comfy and light. My legs and feet felt so good after I didn't feel like I ran at all. I give the Hokas 5 stars out of 5. They are my new favorite shoe!!!

Andy and I played a fun game during the run. I would sing and he would have to name the tune of the song I was listing to on my ipod. Time flew by that's for sure. Looking forward to HURT 100 we will have hours to play that game ;-)

These pics. were from yesterdays run up Mission peak along the Ohlone. I was able to run fast on the down hills with my Hokas and not be afraid. They are super stable and you feel nothing. It all makes sense the concept of the shoe. Would you ride a road big on trails?? No you need fat tires not skinny for the trails. Why not wear light cushion shoes with a wide bottom that creates a stable platform.
These shoes are really awesome.
Check them out at
You can buy them at
This weekend I'm trying something new I'm doing an Orienteering event with my roommate should be fun ;-)


Shelp said...

Congrats on the run! You doing CrossFit anymore these days? I came across your blog a few years ago and it's what inspired me to try it....needless to say I was hooked, so much so that I am now completely burned out on it. That's how it goes I guess.

You are now inspiring me to do more trail running :) BTW, my husband says he loves all your bling! I need to buy myself some of those cute outfits!

Catra said...

Hi June-
I have been doing crossfit from home the past 8 months. The schedule of times was just not working for me.
I just got the Insanity DVDs & P90X a friend works for the company. I actually love the insanity workouts very challenging and it works great for me. I kinda got hurt lifting weights so this is working out. I will cycle two months with Insanity then switch to P90X which involves weights too.
It's a lot like crossfit but I like it more since I can do it anytime anywhere ;-)
Thanks take care

Olga said...

Tell Andy hi and take care of himself. Glad you get time to run together:)

Clynton Taylor said...

Wow, another fan of the Hokas. I haven't tried them, but have read a lot about them, from Ultrarunners who like them. All that cushioning would probably not be too good for my back, but then again, who knows. Thanks for the post. I've got to get up Mission Peak one of these days.

Jenn said...

Love the updates - I hope you write about this orienteering event, that sounds like it has the potential to be pretty awesome.
Take care, stay awesome! -Jennifer

AFib Runner said...

Your BF should get that heart stuff checked out. Some stuff is degenerative over time. It gets depressing seeing 6min miles turn to 11min miles.

nrmrvrk said...

How much feel for the trail do you have with the Hokas? I find I'm more prone to rolling my ankles when I run trails in big cushion shoes. Karl running the Pony Express trail in Hokas is about as good of an endorsement as a shoe will get but it all flies in the face of guys like Tony Krupicka who's opinions I respect as well.

I recently got a pair of NB MT101s and I love them so far. Great trail/road feel and so light. They feel like they have just the minimum amount of structure and nothing more.

Catra said...

Afib- Andy is seeing a heart doc. they ran a bunch of test. He goes back next week. Is issue isn't during running at all. Only when he is resting he notices it.

Catra said...

Whould you ride a road bike on mountain trails???
Well that is what the HOKA is made for trails. The shoe is very stable. Being up high does not make the shoe unstable at all.
I feel more stable in my HOKAS then any of my other trail shoes. I run POSE so know all about the concept of barefoot running and minimalist trail shoes. These shoes are light they just look heavy.
I really love these shoes. They are not going to be for everyone. But I know they are for me.
At least try them on and see what you think ;-)

Unknown said...

I LOVE my Hokas! Have you found gators for them or do you think they're even needed?

Unknown said...

I love my Hokas. Just wondering if you wear gators with yours. If you do, where did you find them?