Tuesday, December 14, 2010

46 hour birthday run starts December 16 at 4pm and finishes on Saturday 18 at 2pm. If you want to join the fun let me know ;-)


This years 46 hour b-day run is for a cause, I run for myself all the time and this time I'm hoping to make a difference. If you can donate something great. My goal is to raise $1000 dollars for the run. The Chance to compete is an awesome foundation so hopefully we can all make a difference in a kids life and allow them the opportunity to become great at a sport they love. You can follow me on Facebook during my run. I will post along the way.

Thanks, Catra

From Mark ceo of HTFU:

On Thursday...December 16th at 4 pm, Catra Corbett will begin a solo 46 hour endurance run she has dedicated to raising money for not for profit foundation Chance 2 Compete . What is normally tasked as an annual birthday run is now turned into something much more. HTFU couldn't be more honored to have someone like Catra spearhead an effort like this

"...and in support of her efforts HTFU will donate a wristband and sticker to donors who make contributions in the amount of $20 or more, a Visor or Beanie for... donations in the amount of $40 or more and any one of our shirts for donations int he amount of $60 or more. Donors will also be added to the founding donors wall for contributions in the amount of $100 or more.

Please visit http://www.chance2compete/ to learn more and send Catra your support today.

Please email me, Mark Gingrich what you would like HTFU to send you way! mark@htfu.com

Best of luck Catra...we'll all be watching!


Chris said...

Donation Made Catra! Best of luck! You continue to inspire!


Jo Lynn said...

Stay well out there girl. I know you can't predict it but man, the weather for Friday and Saturday looks AWFUL! I'll be thinking of you. ;)

Catra said...

Thanks so much Chris ;-)

I know Jo Lynn but hey at least my first night it won't be raining.
I'm just praying that it might end up being nice. Positive thoughts ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm in the UK so I am gonna donate an equivalent amount to Access Sport. Hope that is OK :)


Best wishes for your run Catra. and a very Happy Birthday to you!

Steve Edwards said...

Inspiring, as always, well a little bit more inspiring each year. With ya in spirit. Have a great time our there in the storm! Just remember that the best memories aways come from the toughest struggles.

Catra said...

Thanks Steve you are so right!!!!

Thanks Cr15 you rock!

Nicole said...

Donation made to your great cause on behalf of the Winnipeg Barefoot Runners. Good luck on your run and have a great birthday.

Nicole Nicol
Bob Nicol
Gail Obourne

Rob said...

Good luck today Catra, I'll be thinking about you as I ride my bike in the snow tonight! Good luck! Hope the donation helps!

Christopher miller said...

how much more do you need catra? I will donate the rest

Catra said...

Hi Christopher wow. You are to kind I'm not sure. email Mark he is the founder. You can email him at mark@htfu.com
You are amazing.

Christopher Miller said...

i went ahead and emailed him. just waiting for a response back.

Anonymous said...

Have fun Catra!

-green frog

Anonymous said...

Stay warm Catra or spoon Rocky he will keep you warm.. Georgie V

Anonymous said...

A fucking Missoni-inspired running dress? Yes, please! Where did you get that?

Catra said...

Hey Anon yep it is inspired by Missoni it's a Moesoni ;-)
moeben.com my friend Shannon is the ceo and she makes cute clothes ;-)