Monday, December 13, 2010

Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.

Last week was a fun week trained in my HOKA one one shoes all week and just love them.
I ran Mt. Diablo on Friday 20 miles in the rain and it was fun!
I love running in the rain when its not to cold out ;-)
On Saturday I did my first orienteering event. It was a ROGAINE, did it with my roommate Jerry. I had a blast we found 5 check points. we did the 4 hour event. It was at Henry Coe state park which is an awesome place to run.
I met so many cool people looks like I'm hooked. Planning on doing a ROGAINE 24 hour next year ;-)
Ran with Linda on Sunday and got to catch up on life with her.
Found a couple of cow skulls shot in the head. They must of been sick so the rancher shot them ;-(
Ok the big news of the week. I will be running my 46 hour birthday run starting on Thursday at 4pm and finishing Saturday at 2pm.


Ewa said...

Happy, happy birthday, Catra. Good luck on your run.

I love Henry Coe Park. Best wild flowers in Bay Area in the spring. OK, maybe Russian Ridge is better.

Jeff said...

Do you have any suggestions for Vegetarian Cookbooks for endurance athletes?