Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"People should learn endurance; they should learn to endure the discomforts of heat and cold, hunger and thirst: they should learn to be patient when receiving abuse and scorn; for it is the practice of endurance that quenches the fire of worldly passion which is burning up their bodies." -Buddha-

I love this saying. I carry it around with me. I wrote it down when I first started running ultras and it didn't make scene to me until years later. I look at it from time to time to remind I should not complain and remain calm and focused during my ultras.
This picture was painted by Mike Anderson like 15 years ago. I was at his house and he took the picture. A year later he showed up to the salon I worked at with it. I'm not sure what ever happened to him.
I was going to sale it at my garage sale Sunday, but maybe I will keep it. It reminds of how far I have come.
Happy Birthday Peggy..You are gone but never forgotten you did'nt have an easy life the drugs took your soul, but never your heart. You often wondered why it was so easy for me to stop using drugs and get clean & sober. It was because I found running. You always said you were proud of me for running and staying clean. You always did so much for me when we were kids. I was the weak little girl and you always protected me. I have so many good mermories. You are one of my angels, and now you see why it was so easy for me, when you come and guide me on the trails in my races. I will always love you my dearest sister.

Crossfit WOD, it's an ass kicker.

I called it "Peggy" after my sister who passed away, today is her b-day...
15 min. as many rounds that you can do of:
5 Kettlebell swings
10 pushups
15- squats
20 situps
I did 12+ 15 squats.


Unknown said...

I love the quote on endurance. It is just so right.

Shannon said...

Didn't mention it on FB, but I'm sorry about your sister. I too have a sister that can't seem to "fight her addictions." What do I do? PRAY.....

:) You Rock & You're Beautiful 2

Smithposts... said...

A lovely birthday tribute for your sister, Peggy! I am sure you must miss her very much.

I don't have the memories associated with the picture that you do, but looking at it as an outsider, it is a really beautiful painting.

slowrunner said...

beautiful tribute to your sister catra. i did the workout in her and your honor today. love the quote on endurance - so true.